Outrage Sunday 54 hard swallow

It’s been a tough month for distinguished broadcasters. Will Howard Sattler be moving to Moorhouse Street in Willagee? This item from the POST shows bad things happen to good people.

Further back on the AM band, Eoin Cameron was in a tight spot and Aunty exhorted us to join the conversation and send him a get well email: computer said no.

But look: Cammo, Howard, TLA, She-Ra, Alannah, Greg Hoey, Bento, the Chongster, the man on the Circle route, the fixies, the skimpies – do any of you know we are about to see the complete collapse of the power structure? (As opposed to the partial collapse).

I won’t be posting here on June 17, as I will be at the feet of David Wilcock. Anyone named David (not Dave) is fine by me. I will be at The Esplanade Hotel in Fremantle – I hope Shazz will be with me as we listen to David talk about Beyond 2012…

David Wilcock is one of the leading researchers in the truth movement today.

If you’re not already familiar with him, I highly recommend watching his film ‘2012 Enigma’, free on Youtube.

David is famous as the Re-incarnation of Edgar Cayce – arguebly the best, and definitely the best documented, psychic in history. Cayce gave 45,000 readings in his life, the vast majority of which were for individuals, and helped them overcome life’s hurdles, both physical and otherwise.

David also has demonstrated extraordinary psychic ability, but more importantly is trained as a psychologist and has a very sharp analytic mind. Therefore, despite presenting some very hard swallow concepts – such as time travel, interdimensional travel and DNA transformation on a global scale – he backs them up solidly with scientific studies and explanations.

On top of all this, David has managed to interview a number of ‘insiders’ within the elite circles. Many people within these secret circles are there against their will, but as most of us know, they don’t let you leave.

The information from these insiders supports information from channel material, to the effect that 2012 is about the complete collapse of the power structure which has steered mankind astray for (IMO) at least 4,000 years – making way for a world where love & compassion can be the driving influence – not fear and anger.

Fix the taps, sheople – we need to break out of being the wet dream of the hidden controllers, and our terrible subjugation to $10 chicens. Join me in welcoming the new dawn from our Juliet balconies of Atlantis-on-Maylands, and acknowledging our new benelovent dolphin overlords.

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16 Responses to Outrage Sunday 54 hard swallow

  1. billoslatter says:

    Oh the humanities , the suffering the weeping , the price of gas, and especially the rending of garments.Beware the ides of $10 chichens the the power structure is collapsing verily upon us. Tough times require a prophet to join the dots and Davo comes at a very reasonable price.
    Will Davo predict Mark McGowan as leader for the new era ? He certainly has the tired and huddled masses smarts for the job. Mark cares , Mark knows. Interested listeners await Davo’s predictions.


    • valerie woodruffe on the parson's nose says:

      Umm “Beware the ides of $10 chichens”
      I buy chichen necks for my canine companion. They cost $3.30 per kg which I reckon is a bit rich so when I see them on special for $1.98kg I jump on it. Just out of curiosity today, I weighed the ‘absorbtion bags’ that were in the package the necks came in. Unbelievable, they weighed 690 grams. So I did’nt get a bargain, what I did get was 310 grams of chichen necks and that works out to about $10 per kilo at full price or $6 on special. Now that’s a rip off!!


  2. 6 bedrooms AND 5 bedrooms? Is tha eleventy bedrooms?


  3. mrsstone says:

    I’ll be there as a rep for the elite loosers.


  4. Bento says:

    “Most” of his readings are for individuals? He also does footy teams and corporations?


  5. keatster says:

    oh noes! financial stress in the golden triangle.


  6. Russell Woolf's Lovechild says:

    Sooky’s ego is writing cheques Willy can’t cash.


  7. The Legend 101 says:

    OMG, Even politics are on facebook


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