Outrage Sunday 27 Saussure sizzle

TWOP goe’s all dyadic on you’re asses! You will recall from you’re communications unit at uni that “Nothing is a sign unless it is on my vibrant blog” (McDonald, while sitting on the khazi). And don’t forget: “You cant’ have a totally meaningless signifier or a completely formless signified” (Motto of next years B&S). Or, to put it in the demotic: “Referbish this!” (Cohen, after his chair collapsed at the council meeting’s).




Some signs can’t handle the truthiness, and self-explode: is this one above or below the bar, hmmm? – Myaree (cheers Fremantlebiz):

With such semiotic dissonance, its’ no surprise’s shopper’s in Midland forget their mood-enhancing drug’s on the way back to their car’s:

Signing off.





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20 Responses to Outrage Sunday 27 Saussure sizzle

  1. NF#1 says:

    BEST OO EVA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


  2. shazza says:

    Hope you had a great night DFOC. Big congrats to our Sunday overlord.
    A quick quibble for the pedants amongst us. I think Zantac is for reflux (could have been a good gag in that-pun intended).


  3. Saltysuzy says:

    Zantac isn’t mood enhancing. Well maybe if you take it for indigestion and your foul mood improves. Was this at Midland Gate? Not surprised the poor bugger needed zantac if s/he ate there.


  4. The Legend 101 says:

    How did that tablet get there?


  5. Snuff says:

    Is it just me, Eve, or is that guy starting to creep you out too ?

    Big time. Salad toss ?


  6. The Dude says:

    Zantac is for heartburn/acid reflux.


  7. Zuben says:

    Evidently de Saussure was wrong … at least in WA


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