Shallow World

By Saltysuzy. The “empty dreams” would be the Pablo and the “false hope” would be the International Roast decaf? Use of the cafe bar is of course a privilege not a right.

About The Lazy Aussie

Commended Haiku writer. A lover of The West's Worst. Perth stand-up comedian, photographer and writer.
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90 Responses to Shallow World

  1. Saltysuzy says:

    Note that it is still switched on despite having no delicious powdered faux-coffee. So its pretty much a big cumbersome unhygienic kettle that annoys nearby workers by beeping when overfilled. And obviously fills someone with a sort of nihilistic ennui.


  2. The Legend 101 says:

    I bet a alot of people find beeping annoying, I do, Yes first comment!.


  3. Grrr says:

    This is excellent.
    Bravo, label-making person. Bravo.
    Not such a fan of the laminated signs, though.

    I assume Nescafe Blend 43 is the Shallow World.


  4. Bento says:

    Union or NGO office?


  5. B.T. says:

    False Hope. Only $5 a cup. I want that franchise.


  6. poor lisa says:

    Categorically not worst. Empty Dreams=Moccona?
    You work at Lotteries House RubyRuby?


  7. You can never have enough convenient slop buckets.


  8. Russell Wolfe's Lovechild says:

    The first thing I would do is overfill this fucker.

    Wonder what sign is attached to the slop bucket? Slop bucket must not be used for making coffee.


  9. Hugh Jass says:

    This looks ‘shopped. I can tell by the pixels and from seeing quite a few ‘shops in my time.


  10. Saltysuzy says:

    Neither. Or is it both. And wanted to see what it feels like to deliberately write and spell like a cunt.


    • RubyRuby says:

      Heh heh. I like the Not Worst at all cafe bar. And I love your evading the question of Just Where you found it!

      Nice work! And, good shot!

      (is there also a forlorn looking biscuit tin with a few crumbs and half a stale looking scotch finger?)


  11. Russell Wolfe's Lovechild says:

    Hey a Woolfey tweet.

    Why wasn’t I consulted??


  12. WarriorTom says:

    It’s the f****** nanny-state gone mad. What’s next, they’re going to make laws against us from going “Beep Beep Beep” during sex?


  13. The Legend 101 says:

    Sorry i havent been online all day it was at my grandparents house in Inglewood from 8:45am-3:15pm, The dogs in Inglewood bark to much heres a list of the times they barked 11:25am,11:30am,1:15pm,1:18pm,1:20pm,1:25pm and 2:52pm, Anyone know ways to stop this that is not Complaning or using a dog whistle?


    • orbea says:

      you could try shoving your head down the barking dog’s throat and leaving it there for a few hours


      • WarriorTom says:

        …or you could get it to suck my cock.


      • The Legend 101 says:

        No thats considered Animal Cruelty and also I the owners would notice it aswell, Ive already tryed standing in the garden and playing loud music or my mobile phone but it didnt work because 4 minutes later it the barking started again!.


    • Paracleet says:

      Sorry, I haven’t been online all day. It was at my grandparent’s house in Inglewood from 8:45am-3:15pm. The dogs in Inglewood bark too much. Here’s a list of the times they barked: 11:25am, 11:30am, 1:15pm, 1:18pm, 1:20pm, 1:25pm and 2:52pm inclusive. Anyone know of ways to stop this, I.E barking, that is not complaining or using a dog whistle?


  14. rottobloggo says:

    I’ve got it! It’s in the Weld Club.


  15. Passive-agressive Toilet Sign Guy says:

    This looks like a uni staff room or common area jobbie…


  16. langhorne says:

    I am 1000 km from an inner city. I had a macchiatto. I think….


  17. B.T. says:

    Empty dreams must be decaf.


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