Miles of Vomit

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Comedian, artist, photographer and critic. From 2007 to 2017 ran the culture and satire site The Worst of Perth
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35 Responses to Miles of Vomit

  1. sharon says:

    Bento and I lived just across the road from Lathlain Oval during our uni days. I can confirm the presence of alcohol, greasy food and miles of vomit.


  2. JaneZ says:

    There’s abundant alcohol, greasy food and vomit around here too but I always thought it was because of the children, not proximity to Lathlain Oval.


    • Bag O'Turnips says:

      Or that was any given Saturday in Winter during a WAFL game, packed to the gunwales with boozy old-school bogan Demons supporters, not to mention their opposition fans too.


  3. The Bartender's skills with a Manhatten says:

    If it;s good enough for Coney Island, it should be good enough for Lathlain Oval.

    Which reminds me–I have to get you people some shots of Coney.

    Warriors, come out to play.


  4. orbea says:

    John Bissett Town of Vic Park – “you can shove your vibrancy, we dont want it”


  5. NF#1 says:

    The whole saga reaches biblical proportions … a Moses-like Student Guild leading its oppressed followers to a Promised Land of piss and rooting.


  6. Ljuke says:

    As Nelson from the Simpsons would say: “Ha ha”.


  7. The Bartender's skills with a Manhatten says:

    Miles of vomit? Feh.

    Come back to us when you can show miles of unwiped buttcrack.


    • Bag O'Turnips says:

      That too would’ve been present in spades between quarter time sirens back in the days of meaningful levels of WAFL game attendance until the Weagles came along and torpedoed the gate numbers.


  8. The Bartender's skills with a Manhatten says:

    That would be in reply to rotto, above.


  9. Trisha says:

    Starting earlier in the day will prevent the miles of vomit??? Do they even know Perth teenagers?


    • Rolly says:

      The teenagers, as ever, are merely following the examples set by their elders.
      You should see the abundance of pavement pizzas forming long trails from the two booze parlours on the Scarborough esplanade.
      They use the prevous weeks presentations to guide their ways home, though the recent rain has caused a number of the alcoholically injured to find themselves waking up quite some distance from their intended destinations.


  10. Bag O'Turnips says:

    The councillor who claims that Oktoberfest at Lathlain Oval will induce “…miles of vomit…” is clearly not familiar with the German beer festival culture. The best way to drink bier when there is from a one-litre stein, so clearly there’s gonna be “kilometres” of vomit, more like, given the Germans have metric for the last 139 years.


  11. The Legend 101 says:

    Loads Of Vomit, Thats i feel like ive had a cold for 2 days now, thanks to walking around in the cold on Busselton Jetty.


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