Cannington Sluts – The look of love

G-banger saw the new – and in fact old Cannington chic at Myers Carousel. Shows Fremantle fashionistas how it’s really done. You know I’m not 100% convinced that this is the ideally posed mannequin for this piece of clothing. You may disagree.cannington slutscannington sluts

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Commended Haiku writer. A lover of The West's Worst. Perth stand-up comedian, photographer and writer.
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30 Responses to Cannington Sluts – The look of love

  1. Natalia Fan #1 says:

    There once was a poor mannequin
    Adorning that hell Cannington
    Not entirely unlike
    The local town bikes
    In tending to flash her quim


  2. The Legend 101 says:

    I just learned there is a Myer in Carosuel.


  3. You know the close up really wasn’t necessary.


  4. Bento says:

    Bit early for the Perth Cup promotion, isn’t it?


  5. Rolly says:

    It seems like the skills of the ‘dresser are not all that they’re cracked up to be.


  6. David Cohen says:

    The shoes are quite OMG IT’S LOST A HAND!


    • Bag O'Turnips says:

      Just makes it that little bit harder to pull off that “come hither” look that can catch any unaware man (especially without underwear) to the dangerous lure of Cannington SluSirens.


    • Lucky Star says:

      Maybe someone needed a hand after copping a look under that skirt. Assuming Ken and Barbie genitalia is what does it for them.


  7. Bento says:

    It’s PC gone mad.


  8. 2bob says:

    Yes you do see a few growlers at the dogs.


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