Weekend Worstoff 104

Perth newsnooze makers Courtney Ryan, Eli and Simon (link now working) have asked if TWOP viewers are aware of their video satire on Sunday Times Perth Now site. (Not a satire of PerthNow, but a satire of Perth btw) Here is one of their pics. If you can face going to Perthnow have a look at their video.Bag O’ Turnips who has recently entered into the comment fray with some gusto was also fortuitously able to find a pic of the much discussed and much missed Hung Long in William Street circa 1991. Anisette (of ugly car photo collection we have seen before) notes that just because you have the neatest writing, doesn’t mean you should do the sign. Note that it was also going to be Hans free. I prefer my phones to be sans hans too. Audiocom North Freo.Worst well this weekend

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Commended Haiku writer. A lover of The West's Worst. Perth stand-up comedian, photographer and writer.
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62 Responses to Weekend Worstoff 104

  1. vegan says:

    audiocom, employing only people who can’t letter but insist on doing the signs outside.

    and that orange…


  2. Natalia Fan #1 says:

    The scary thing about the Council House pic is that the City of Perth would think this a great idea. Heck, why not?


  3. WAtching says:

    Is this the Audiocom near in Morley?

    Hasn’t this been featured previously?


  4. observing says:

    Tooht Toooooht!


  5. Bag O'Turnips says:

    Hung Long is Dead.

    Long Live Hung Long!

    Ahh, memories…took this at a crossroads in my life, sixteen years of age, when there was a confluence of mastering night photography and adolescent toilet humour. Got it down on film (anyone remember that stuff? I do recall in another posting someone reminiscing about the smell of acid stop bath). No penis envy there, I thought! Even at such a precocious age, I was keenly aware of the perfunctory signwriting utilised by the then-emergent Vietnamese community. Utilitarian yes and without the slickness of most contemporary graphics, but neat: it was certainly not in the same class as Cash Twon, nor had Microsoft yet given licence for amateurs to assault our sensibilities with lamearsed (and often laminated) homebaked signage, with its accompanying shouse font. Yes, I’m spaeking to you both Papyrus and Comic Sans!

    Back to topic: at the other end of the decade, when I was a nascent culture vulture (i.e. hanging out with Goths at The Moon across the road), I ventured over to Hung Long to try out the cuisine, as well as have the cred to say, “I’ve been (to) Hung Long! And was I not disappointed…fresh spring rolls and chicken and corn pho (with lashings of fresh coriander) were some of my favourites. The atmosphere was like its signwriting: a bit low-rent, a Vietnamese version of the Firecracker (what’s happened to that? That too had reasonable nosh), but the food and service were not worst at all.

    it was a bit of a pity to see it had become a vanished worst. It is now known as Good Fortune Duck House, resplendent with roasted said birds in the front window at 344. Of which holds no appeal to me now that I’m vegetarian.

    Happy times at Hung Long, pho what it was worth.


  6. The link to the video guys now working.


    • Mr G says:

      Ahh, the Hung Long! What memories! I was a self-important blue-haired-ripped-pants-wearing shoe-gazer-music-listening film school student at Perth Tafe, and all the arty hipsters would meet at the Hung Long for lunch! Ahhh they were cool days indeed. And then we’d go to Monkey Music nearby and buy hipster records too.
      I wonder if the Hung Long still exists in some form in some outer suburb?


      • Ljuke says:

        More a House of Wax man, myself.


        • WAtching says:

          Downstairs or in the Mall?


          • Ljuke says:

            Downstairs. Then over to Dada, where the skinny old guy would look as though the world was entirely too much for him. One time, he looked at my eftpos card, sighed deeply and said: “Savings, I suppose?”


            • Mr G says:

              I’m not sure if you’ve been to Dada recently, but it’s awesome! NOTHING there has changed since I was 14 and first went in there – I’m now 36!
              That guy is still there and still sighing at the state of the world. It’s a “nothing changes in Perth”ism that I kinda like, it’s nice to have a good form of continuity rather than Perth’s habit of ripping down anything that has just grown to be awesome.


  7. Bag O'Turnips says:

    “Perth, set my soul on fire…”

    …More like in the crematory sense, in that it is destroyed, rather than set ablaze to light up.

    Window-dressing and added Vibrancy will not give Perth personality, a fundamental shift in outlook of our citizens might give us a chance yet. But with Barnett Rubble, Mixed Grylls and The Snedger at the helm, hopes are grim, unless you want a horizontal Singapore, with extra minerals.


    • “Unless you want a horizontal Singapore, with extra minerals.” Yeah, I could get behind that.


      • Wait, what is a horizontal Singapore? Is that something rude?


        • vegan says:

          sprawl, as opposed to density, i think.

          or it could be something rude.


          • Bag O'Turnips says:

            The first guess was correct: what I was implying was that with all the get-tough law-and-order tub-thumping proffered by Barnett Rubble & Coy., it would be akin to desiring that WA, band by extension of that, Perth, be like that authoritarian paradise of Singapore. Add to the fact that we seem hellbent on shipping out shitloads of mineral wealth, with little to nil processing, makes for a very conservative mindset (and don’t mean conservative, as in preservation).

            When comes a time when either the gas or oil run dry, the iron ore is not as good or—God forbid!—other countries have no real substantial need for our resources (which may be likely due to a collapse of Global North indebtedness, which cannot go on indefinitely), we’ll be well and truly up the (well-and-truly dried out) creek. This status quo is propped up by these premises. When it exposed and naked, people may then see how one-dimensional our outlook, consumption patterns and societal structure has become. In the meanwhile, some of us seem to think that a continual boom is great thing. But it cannot and won’t last forever and we really need to add more depth to our society at large.

            That, in my honest assessment, is part of the reason that Perth, clean and orderly as it is, is ultimately quite soulless. Kinda like Singapore.


  8. Hugh Jass says:

    Now I know where to go to get my IPHONE Accessory’s for as low as $G


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