Throw in urine, faeces and semen…

Throw in urine, faeces and semen and you’ve sold me guys. The advertising whiz who suggested this needs to be taken outside for a quiet word. When selling food products, don’t suggest that it may have bodily fluids in it. Even as a joke.  On the other hand, the beer at Mac’s Brewery Wellington is much better than that swill Speights they drink over there.
what do they teach at ad school?

what do they teach at ad school?

And this cannot stand. Why on earth would you put the NZ flag next to the word English? Surely the Union Jack would have been the way to go? Is NZ a patois? A creole? Whatever it is, I think it is stretching things a little far here. Totally outrageous Bank of NZ screen.
or patois

or patois

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15 Responses to Throw in urine, faeces and semen…

  1. Rolly says:

    Go to see that kuwi Unglush stull dots the capital ‘I’.


  2. Rolly says:

    The Union Flag of Great Britain and Ireland is misused as a symbol for the English language.
    It should be the cross of St. George, for one thing and for another, very few people in the United Kingdoms of Great Britain and Ireland actually speak what we would consider to be English.
    They never have done and probably never will.
    Long live the original languages (and dialects)!
    To hell with the Oxbridge and ‘Home Counties’ New Bastards(©2008The Lazy Aussie).


  3. still I think it might be more appropriate than nz flag.


  4. Rolly says:

    The beer sign.
    Could that be a cross Tasman variation on:
    Blood Oath, No Sweat, and Ripper ??


  5. Rolly says:

    Bloody quiet on this blog today.
    Too much sun at the Xmas Pageant for all you people?


  6. The number of views is similar, but yes, comments are down.


  7. Bento says:

    All right, I’ll play.

    Did they not think it might be a tad confusing to have the same flag next to ‘English’ and ‘Maori’? Not to mention maybe a tad provocative?


  8. Rolly says:

    Maybe both languages are accessed by the same button bilingually.
    Makes not a jot of difference.
    The Banks only speak double-dutch anyway.


  9. Hovean says:

    I’m surprised the ‘English’ button isn’t surrounded with wool.
    Perhaps the designs gurus behind – could comment?


  10. flynn says:

    ….and why isn’t it just called the “Exit” key?
    Or would it then become “press Exit to Cancel”?


  11. Snuff says:

    I’m more concerned about the South Korean flag, TLA. Either they’ve reunified on the sly, or the Kiwi dollar’s so cheap that even North Koreans are holidaying there now.


  12. margeryx says:

    The Maoris got a treaty but they didn’t get a flag?


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  15. Bob Arpanet says:



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