Belmont Fever

I usually get the basic tetanus booster when travelling in Belmont, but I had no idea you could immunise against the whole suburb. Medical marvel indeed.


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Commended Haiku writer. A lover of The West's Worst. Perth stand-up comedian, photographer and writer.
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17 Responses to Belmont Fever

  1. adam1975 says:

    Main North Road in Adelaide NEEDS one of those signs…


  2. Golden1 says:

    I got the triple antigen, which covers me for Belmont, Cannington and Carlisle.


  3. Rolly says:

    Unreal. They want more pricks in Belmont????


  4. Paul Nurry says:

    Now I’ve been at this journalism game for a number of years, and never have I found the need to deviate from my own predujices by actually speaking to anyone on the topic I’m writing about. Take Belmont. I wouldn’t have felt the slightest remorse if Belmont was wiped from the face of the earth. What, or who or for that matter where Belmont is I have no idea.
    Frankly, Belmont does not deserve a pay day. It would immoral of any town planner to allow Belmont to enrich themselves given that Belmont is the perpetrator of so many crimes.

    While many people may not believe anything Belmont has to say, it is important that we hear it so it can be tested against what the authorities say the town of Belmont was up to in Kosovo, Pakistan and Afghanistan.

    Do you want to hear what Belmont has to say? And do you thing Belmont deserves to be paid for it?

    Never forget that I’m right, and you are wrong.


  5. meccano101 says:

    I have been off-line for the last few months while doing my house reno, can anyone give me a list of their favorite must read Worsts from this period. I have of course seen doggy style which I am still trying to cope with- but I feel the need to come up to speed.


  6. Anonymous Perthon says:

    Welcome back Mec, you might like to check out “atomised” where a terrific fight broke out in the comments and “galaxian” which will help you appreciate any sane decisions you made during your renovation


  7. Crotchless was a bit of a classic too.


  8. Golden1 says:

    Definitely check out Crotchless
    My favorites include
    Black Pork Down – the best title so far.
    Swan Hole – may bring back memories for you
    Mincing Versace – Just because I’m sure you have wondered
    When Boar-dom Sets In – inspiration for your renovation (I so want to live in this place)


  9. There has been gravatar fever too, as you can see by the pics here.


  10. I keep waiting for some business in Perth to actually last for EIGHT days. Every business seems to be open for just seven days! The closure rate is incredible! I blame John Howard and Ben Cousins.

    Then again I may be grumping because I have been to see “Sculpture by the Sea”. The sight of so many potential rates-money-wasting objects was distressing! Intending to cover one piece of – umm – art each day this week, I may temporarily rename my blog “Son of TWOP”.


  11. cimbali says:

    I was hoping to get to Sculpture by the sea – is it a bad crop archiearchive? There is usually something worth discussing even if it is just a toddler having a discrete pee behind a Ron Gomboc.


  12. Sculpture by the sea while it had some ordinary ones, didn’t have anything really really badunfortunately.


  13. @cimbali, There were several items which were not too bad, I have already blogged the sundial. There are several others of worth but the vast majority are pretentious twatwork. Oh, and the onions in the sausage sizzle were half-raw as well!


  14. No individual item was really really bad. It was the overall mediocrity which made the function a truly depressing experience.


  15. Bento says:

    Meccano – did you go offline pre- or post-Deckard the Halls?

    If pre-, I strongly recommend you check out ‘Spiderman’s Undies’ and ‘Alexander Downer’s Leg’ therein.


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