The Sangrurian

Rule 1 of car graphics, is of course to imply that your car is fast enough to cause flame, not that it might be on fire in your driveway. Second rule is, don’t make it look like it’s a high speed reversing specialist. This cheetah advancing ringhole first into the Maylands savannah traffic is disconcerting. Once upon a time, this would have in a kind of Pavlovian style, invoked jokes about Italian tanks.

This could almost be in the carpark for Swallow, aka MadKuntz, aka Knobgoblin if the micro bar still wasn’t finished.  Auteured by TomSellecksMoustache. And by the way, what the fuck is a Sangrurian?

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Commended Haiku writer. A lover of The West's Worst. Perth stand-up comedian, photographer and writer.
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80 Responses to The Sangrurian

  1. WAtching says:

    Hang on a minute… This was captured only metres away from the ‘car on fire in driveway.’

    Is Maylands putting itself forward as a hub for dumb car graphics?

    BTW: This post is already top 5 on Google for Sangrurian.


  2. Rolly says:

    Shit! Some people get things arse backwards.


  3. Russell Woolfe's Lovechild says:

    On a more positive note, it is not in a lounge room.


  4. shazza says:

    I assume this goes some way towards an explanation.


  5. BrownBook says:



  6. “This cheetah advancing ringhole first…”

    reminds me of that old saying: “faster than a cheetah’s asshole”.

    ok, it’s not really old, I just made it up and am using it from now on. thanks.


    • valerie woodruffe sniffing out a cheetah’s asshole says:

      My hubby graham who shall remain nameless, always said our rottweiler’s ass was fast, knew I should have got him a cheetah for valentine’s day.


  7. My Ning says:

    The Secret Diary of Mark McGowan (aged nearly 45)

    Although I was very tired when I woke up this morning, I visited Maylands today to meet (again) with Alannah McTiernan vis-a-vis her return to my cabinet as a planning advisor. Al was in the neighbourhood planning her new drinking hole, which was kind of apt as it’s exactly that sort of hands on approach I want to see used by my advisors when I become premier.

    To show that I am a man always on the go, I went in my Sangrurian car – a cleverly devised mobile marking tool to show Barnett and the boys that while I may appear to be a bit dopey, a bit off the money and the bluntest knife in the cutlery draw, I am in fact as fast and as bloodthirsty (metaphorically, that is) as a cheetah. Of course some may argue that to be sanguine is not the same as being sangrurine – especially as there is no such word as sangrurine (or Sangrurian for that matter). And heaven knows I tried to point this out to the guys down in Rockingham who did the paint job. However, when I raised this issue with them (and the fact puss seems to be running backwards), they refused to fix it, saying they would smack my teeth in before taking the vehicle back and making any necessary adjustments in order to avoid any confusion. I for one believed them – just last week some tattooed bogan checkout bitch at Coles in Rockingham did in fact smack me in the teeth when I argued that she had charged too much for my carton of No-doz. Gee, they’re a tough bunch down there – better to live with their mistakes than make any objections, even if it means having people think that one can’t spell.

    Al was her usual self, wild eyed and full of helpful hints, although I’m not sure she was totally sold by my latest planning idea – shifting government departments to places like Bunbury and Albany, where there are limited resources for bureaucrats (including tougher access to other departments), crap libraries and slow broadband. As I bravely stated to The Worst, it’s silly having the regional development department in Hay St when we can put it in an actual, real live region. Al seemed to be going along with it until I mentioned relocating the planning department to Karratha. “What?” she screamed. “I’m not going near that cunt of a place. And have you met any of the people up there? (I must admit, I haven’t). They’re a bunch of arseholes – couldn’t plan a fuck in a Rockingham brothel.”

    I wasn’t sure if there were any brothels in Rockingham – certainly I wasn’t aware of any (despite being an ex navy man) – so I changed tact, promising I would establish a new Department for Alcohol in Maylands. “That’s more like it,” she said. “We can run a shuttle bus between it and the Vincent town council office on Friday afternoons – that way drinking and council issues can be tackled at the one sitting. No need to send the local government department to Albany.”

    Yes, it was a constructive day – one that will lead to the resolution of many planning issues and show that the new look WA Labor Party under my stewardship is one of reform (although I’m still not sure what that exactly means … I asked Eric Ripper about it and he just gave me one of those buck toothed grins before spitting at Ben Wyatt).

    Still, it was a pity I forgot to tell my spin docs to arrange a shot of Al and myself with Sangrurian. Certainly it would have made a more impressive photo than the one of us slurping coffee at some crappy joint in Mt Lawley.


  8. The Legend 101 says:

    Sangurin, whats that even mean?


  9. Steve says:

    This “amazing” car is up for sale for the “bargain” price of $3500. Found this site when I wanted to know what the hell sangrurian mean


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  11. Sangruria says:

    Notable people of Sangrur
    The two Punjab Chief Ministers belong to sangrur were Surjit Singh Barnala and Rajinder Kaur Bhathal
    Late Lala Brish Bhan was the chief minister of PEPSU.
    Senior akali leader and former Union cabinet minister Sukhdev Singh Dhindsa also hails from Sangrur.
    Udham Singh, an Indian independence activist, best known for assassinating Michael O’Dwyer in March 1940 was born in Shahpur Kalan village in Sunam Tehsil of Sangrur District.
    Sangrur District has huge number of artists which includes Ali Akbar(the music director), Rana Ranbir(Actor/Comedian), Binnu Dhillon(Actor/Comedian), Mintu Dhuri(Punjabi Singer), Lovely Nirman(Punjab Singer), Bhupinder Mann (Punjabi folk singer), Pargat singh (the lyricist).

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    for more info. visit :


  12. Anonymous says:

    Ausie too LAzy to read too


  13. Harkamal says:

    Think before you speak you idiot
    Learn to cook to gain respect
    By the way what the fuck is an aussie?


  14. Sangrurian says:

    SANGRURIAN is a word that can make an unknown comedian famous. It not only ignites a debate but shows the cheap trick used by a rot to become popular. Commenting or downgrading someone by his race, gender or background is the worst racism one can do and The Lazy Aussie has done exactly that through his comments. I feel sorry for you “Lazy Comedian” this won’t take you very far in life.

    – by a Sangrurian living in Canada


  15. BAPU TERA says:

    fuddu aa sala lazy aussie ehnu kuj ni pta sale nu ,,, ehnu ki pta BABE DA THULUUUU…………………………… :)))))))))))))))))))


  16. I hate to laugh at Indians fleeing/attacking a rampaging leopard. But I did.

    Come to think of it, the headlines made me laugh, too. Laughs all ’round!

    Leopard strays into Meerut, sparks frenzy before taking refuge in hospital room
    Leopard on the loose in Meerut yet to be caught, injures seven people


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