Soon the earth will tilt on its axis and begin to dance to the reggae beat to the accompaniment of earthquake. And who can resist the dance of the earthquake, mon?”
Peter Tosh

I give up. If this Barking Gecko kid’s theatre Lizard is not smoking four joints, then what is it doing? Has children’s theatre gone all Ian Chappell since I last saw Peter and The Wolf in Grade 3? Or have I gone all Chappelli?

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Commended Haiku writer. A lover of The West's Worst. Perth stand-up comedian, photographer and writer.
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13 Responses to Jammin’

  1. empirejes says:

    perth’s theatre scene is already going to pot anyway. whats the worst a terribly designed image going to do?


  2. David Cohen says:

    Unfortunate. On the company’s website the gecko and the, er, items coming out of the mouth are pink.

    When Cookster gets to work he can tell us if there’s any herring to be seen…


  3. Golden1 says:

    I’m finding the fleshy mouth way more disturbing than the joints.


  4. Cookster says:

    Yes DC, the herring has definitely been smoked in this instance. The strong herring too. The stuff you find off Cathedral Rocks, not that cabbage from Thompson’s Bay.

    Indeed, the fleshy orrifice is made even more disturbing by the presence of the orange sperm like creature it’s about to imbibe.


  5. Big Ramifications says:

    The Lotterywest “Scratch and Win” logo is similar. A hand holding a side-on view of a coin.

    A hand using a grip suspiciously like you would hold a joint. And an impossibly fat coin when viewed from side on. More like the width of, say, a joint.

    And then there’s the pume of smoke eminating from the coin which really isn’t smoke but an artistic representation of scratching.

    …Had a quick Google for the logo but no luck, sorry.


  6. David Cohen says:

    Hmmmm. You’re not advocating a ban on smoking herring are you Cookster? Or octopus, for that matter? Are you going to denounce it, as the PM did with binge drinking? There is a time and place for smoking herring, surely – but not when you’re doing graphic design, as we’ve seen today.


  7. Cookster says:

    DC, I realise that if we tax Herring, people may simply turn to cheaper options like Garfish, or, god help us, tinned tuna, but it’s a call we have to make.

    The youth of today are being seduced by the slick marketing behind the Herring brand and simply don’t realise how strong the stuff is. Have a drive past the North Mole any afternoon and you’ll realise the extent of the tragedy… young people with hand tremors so bad they can hardly slip the occie on their hooks.

    Indeed, Herring abuse leads to the sort of near tragedy that you recently witnessed on Rottnest Island.

    Why can’t people satisfy themselves with a nice Dhufish, or a silky Snapper?


  8. Rolly says:

    @ Cookster says

    “Why can’t people satisfy themselves with a nice Dhufish, or a silky Snapper?”

    Not on a state pension, mate. Even the tinned tuna has to wait ’til it’s on special.


  9. Cookster says:

    @ Rolly – mate, nothing wrong with a nice mullie casserole… cheap at half the price.


  10. Rolly says:

    Yeh, Cookster,
    It traumatises my stomach ulcers to watch the useless would-be anglers on the beach throwing what could be my dinner at the bloody blowfish.


  11. Cookster says:

    Not to mention the elitist pricks who fling prawns about like there’s no tomorrow!


  12. Rolly says:

    Yeh. Too toffee nosed to grow their own maggots and keep them on ice next to the chops in the fridge.


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