The Maelstrom

Another worst sculpture for you. This damn library computer won’t let me check my email, so I can’t check who sent me this.  I have got so many from so many people lately. Skink was it you? If not I’m really sorry. Please correct me in the comments and I’ll fix it up later. I actually wanted to stop and shoot this one myself, but was beaten to it. I actually had the feeling that one of the punters was emerging rather than being sucked into the horse’s arse, but, different strokes… Skink (I think) says…

Two of these horse sculptures appeared last month in the roundabouts outside Ascot. I drive past them every day. At first view I thought they were inoffensive enough – not so much art as signage for the racecourse – but on second viewing I noticed all the waving people, and was not sure if they were cheering on the horse or being run over by it. On third view I noticed the little guy at the back who appears to be being sucked into the horse’s arse. He is flailing his arms madly in the hope that someone will save him. Perhaps the Mexican in the sombrero next to him will grab his arms and stop him disappearing up the fundament.


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18 Responses to The Maelstrom

  1. skink says:

    yes, it was me


  2. Anonymous Perthon says:

    Okay whats happening with the horses legs in the middle, some sort of Horsey jig?


  3. Levon says:

    Re: the legs. I think the guy in the back half has fallen out of his costume, and is scrambling to get back in.


  4. Bento says:

    At the risk of failing to display an appropriate level of cynicism, I actually don’t mind this at all.

    Don’t get me wrong – I can hate with the best of you. I just don’t hate this.


  5. sqbr says:

    I always think they look like they’re shouting “Help! We have been eaten by a giant horse!!” :)


  6. skink says:


    believe me, if you saw it every day it would begin to grate on you

    I am prepared to make a substantial wager that within six month some hoon playing chicanes through these roundabouts is going to drift sideways across the sand and take this out. Maybe Rhonnda Wylie


  7. squib says:

    That is the classic distress signal taught in swimming. They definitely look like they are drowning inside a horse


  8. skink says:

    ‘not waving but drowning’


  9. Paracleet says:

    Don’t worry skink, a few appropriately morphed pieces of offical coroporate correspondance at your current establishment would doubtless prevent you having having your eyes offended by the above everyday.


  10. BC Planning says:

    Actually, this is one piece that I don’t thnk is that bad.


  11. David Cohen says:

    People! It’s Worst. The galumphing horse looks like it’s got a nosebag of partly-digested punters in its belly. Is this the message the WA Turf Club/Perth Racing wants to communicate? “Come to the races and you’ll be eaten by an equine!” I think not. Is everyone on happy pills this week? Worst Worst Worst.


  12. Crackpot Punters! says:

    Hmmmmmm, Its a curly one!! On the one hand I can see helium filled balloons tied to it on race day and it could look quite colurful and different but every other day it just looks a bit new and out of place! Perhaps a bit of bore stain yellow is whats required…! I think its marginal worst otherwise!
    What I am looking forward to is Greyhounds WA doing the same thing in Cannington with a couple of big bore stained doggies….!!


  13. Levon says:

    Perhaps some naked dude has gouged out the horse’s eyes already.


  14. skink says:

    oh, I like that – it never occurred to me that they had been eaten
    does that imply that the body parts under the tail are partial digested excreta?

    “I want to be effluent”


  15. s g says:

    Is that a mexican? Or Brian Burke? Cause it kinda looks more like a Panama hat than a sombrero…


  16. skink says:

    Brian Burke…horse’s arse… there could be a connection


  17. s g says:

    Mmhmm, that’s what I was thinkin…


  18. Andrea says:

    I’ve only driven past these a few times, but they already drive me mad. The legs do my head in. Maybe I will be the one to take one of them out with my car as I try to figure out which leg is which while speeding around the round-about.


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