Front Bottom

Submitted by Skink. Very nice one

I thought it was about time I contributed to your excellent blog after enjoying it for so long. Since sculture and art always seem to elicit the most febered debate, I have sent an old fave.
Attached is a pic of my favorite Perth sculpture. It sits in the foyer window of an office building at 191 St George’s Terrace, on the corner of Mill Street. I have no idea who the artist is, the title, or what the fuck it is supposed to represent. I used to walk past it every day for three years on the way to work, and never got any closer to what it might be trying to say.
It is hewn from a solid chunk of marble, badly. I am not sure if the womans tits are on backwards, or her arse is on frontwards. Perhaps this is a literal interpretation of Poor Lisa’s ‘front bottom’.
as for what the gentleman is about to do with his finger – we can only imagine
I normally refer to it as ‘The Proctologist’
The photo is with my camera phone, through the window, late last night, after a few whiskies, so is not the highest quality
enjoy. Skink

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Commended Haiku writer. A lover of The West's Worst. Perth stand-up comedian, photographer and writer.
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21 Responses to Front Bottom

  1. skink says:

    Oh no, the Apostrophe Police will be after me

    also, that should read “fevered’ debate


  2. Anonymous Perthon says:

    Judging from the expression on her face, I think the finger is just being removed.


  3. squib says:

    The 4 breasted woman looks a bit like Picasso’s Weeping Woman, reversed… don’t you think?


  4. cimbali says:

    It does look a little like those figures that Bjorn Dolva puts in his paintings. Maybe it is by his evil twin brother Ben Dolva.
    It also reminds me of the legend of the Celtic warrior Cahoulan. When the battle fury came upon him his calves, thighs and buttocks would move around to the front – thus rendering a fight unnecessary as his opponents would all run away. However like this woman he would have left a fairly exposed achilles hole around the back.


  5. skink says:

    I have often wondered whether this is a pun on Picasso:

    “Picasso? I’ll choose this one!”


  6. poor lisa says:

    Nice one skink. I’ve often wondered about this. As sculpture, it’s not really appalling, or is it… I know nothing at all about art but it doesn’t look so bad to me.

    But as a corporate statement – it’s out there. The photo doesn’t show that it’s absolutely front-&-centre of a sheet of glass almost right on the pavement of a very busy corner of the terrace – it’s certainly trying to say something and that is what’s puzzled me when I’ve looked at it.

    Is it: ‘up yours battlers of perth, we’re in a boom and we’ve got a fucking BIG OFFICE on the terrace’ or something? Or is it those MISOGYNISTS trying to oppress me again with their plainly visible public/corporate art window displays. Tch I just knew it.


  7. skink says:

    don’t say:”I know nothing at all about art” – Hoey will be indignant

    I know a lot about art, but I don’t know what I like.


  8. poor lisa says:

    OK I like that I think it says something. I think.


  9. Levon says:

    It vaguely reminds me of a ventriloquist act performed by the cast of “The Hills Have Eyes”.


  10. flynn says:

    The woman’s(?) face has a George Washington resemblance.


  11. tomthrett says:

    its by rodney glick. obvy.


  12. Oh, jeez sorry sk, I did say I’d correct the mistakes for you didn’t I? Sorry, the computer was being disconnected so the floors of The Wolf’s lair can be sanded, and I was running out of time.
    Really another Glick? Sorry about that Rodney. I’ll try to get stuck into Robert Juniper next time to even it up.


  13. Diandre says:

    @cimbali: it does remind me of Cúchulainn’s twisted body too :)) distorted for a good cause though…


  14. tomthrett says:

    it was a joke…..


  15. meccano101 says:

    Surely there is an argument for a nappy on this piece? Why does he only have four fingers?
    Could the painting on the back wall be a Baxter L.A ?


  16. A perfect piece of Perth Art : the random elements all come together : randomly. Apparently the ass backwards bird woman has alighted gently on E.G. Whitlam’s member or perhaps she is some kind of cello. Could well be a Glickie as you jest Threttie.


  17. Adam says:

    It reminds me of something you might’ve seen in the foyer of the Nakatomi Tower in Die hard. I can see BRuce Willis walking past it, giving it a death stare.


  18. Artheretic says:

    I’m guessing but I’d say it is by Arthur Boyd’s less talented brother, Guy


  19. SkyLantern says:

    On South Park there’s a mad genetic scientist character, always trying to create a three arsed monkey. This sculpture looks like one of his failed attempts.


  20. BC Planning says:

    Yeah…I’m not digging this sculpture


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