The Horror

Couldn’t they have got a few severed heads on sticks for this playground in Mt Lawley? I’m reminded of Kurtz’s house in Heart of Darkness.

“-and there it was, black, dried, sunken, a head that seemed to sleep at the top of that pole, and, with shrunken dry lips showing a narrow line of teeth, was smiling too, smiling continuously at some jocose dream of that eternal slumber…” “The manager said afterwards that Mr Kurtz’s methods had ruined the district.” Conrad. H.O.D.

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19 Responses to The Horror

  1. meccano101 says:

    Definitely L.A, a shower of napalm would probably be an improvement here.


  2. margeryx says:

    I think this beats even the Dizzy Lamb, due to its location in a heavily populated area, in a playground. Isn’t anyone thinking of the children?


  3. Frank Calabrese says:

    [Isn’t anyone thinking of the children?]

    That “thing” may have been made by the “children” themselves.


  4. Rolly says:

    Nothing like as bad as all the statuettes and figurines strewn about the place of a near naked young bloke with a spiny circlet on his head, a deep wound in his side, nailed to a wooden cross and looking decidedly unhappy about it.


  5. Levon says:

    It’s eyes follow you around the room.


  6. Ljuke says:

    It looks like Leatherface in a tutu.


  7. Jessica says:

    Oh man I am so excited! This is just down the road from my house and was brand new when we moved in 10 months ago. It was pink then but was slowly faded by the sun and stained by bore water. It was pretty ugly to begin with, but now it is horrible to behold!


  8. Search says:

    I cannot believe how gross this is. Surely Paul Nurry will have something to say about this?


  9. Birkette says:

    I ride past this on my way to work. It’s in a pre-school, right on the corner.

    I’ve often wondered if the teachers point at this and say “this is what happens to the ‘naughty’ children”.

    Or, judging by the outfit was it the chubby little kid who’s always out of step in the end of year ballet recital?

    Actually, I think it’s the scarecrow, and it’s done such a good job nobody’s game enough to go near it and replant the vegies.


  10. Bernard Langham says:

    I live in Mt Lawley, so I’d like to hunt this down. Have you thought of GPS tagging the WOP pics?


  11. BC Planning says:

    Is the scarecrow supposed to scare children away too?


  12. I have thought of tagging BL, but the wodpress approved map widget is not very good. What exactly are you going to do to it?


  13. Andrea says:

    Yes, I think it is supposed to scare children away. It scares me.


  14. The Legend 101 says:

    Yesterday i went to dianella heights to votr for the election and the booths where in the libary witch only had the same amount of books as my back room or alot less and it was so small i dont even see how a class of 30kids could fit in there.


  15. I Clavdivs says:

    Having read your posts legend(?), I can fully appreciate where you are coming from. The shortcomings in the education system are very worrying.


  16. The Legend 101 says:

    You should we the scarecrow at my school outside the kindy i was going to take a photo of it but it look wired and whats with the singlet top it makes the thing look like a fat athlete and i drive past this school alot and go past it on the bus trust me it’s twice as ugly as the photo and my Mum and brother and I always point and laugh for fun.


  17. The Legend 101 says:

    Morley High is Horror if anyone is intrested!


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