Love Cuffs

Wanted to clear at least some of the backlog of photos submitted by TWOP cadets this week, starting with this one from Glenn, who found this empty box of love cuffs on the horseshoe bridge. Could you really be in such an urgent need for bondage that you can’t even wait until you get to the car? Fur-like? Thanks Glenn. Did you check the bin for a carton of butt plugs?


About AHC McDonald

Comedian, artist, photographer and critic. From 2007 to 2017 ran the culture and satire site The Worst of Perth
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10 Responses to Love Cuffs

  1. Levon says:

    Only if you’re Jack Bauer is restraint an art.


  2. Yes, probably lies more on the craft side of things. If you were cuffing an Alsatian though…


  3. poor lisa says:

    When I cuff greg I never use the soft ones.


  4. Juffy says:

    Oh sure. “Found” this “empty box” on the “Horseshoe Bridge” eh? Where’s your journalistic rigor, LA? Those concrete slaps are clearly outside the sex shop on G.E. Hwy in Midland. :)


  5. Crackpots ! says:

    Nah that looks like “Aunty Dirty’s” doorstep in Morley!


  6. Levon says:

    I also like how something that can only really be used for bondage purposes has the word “care” written on the packaging.

    And that whatever words proceed “care”, the sentence requires an exclamation mark.


  7. Frank Calabrese says:

    I wonder if these cuffs are standard issue for the Gay & Lesbian liason section of the WA Police ? :-)


  8. Furry cuffs can be appreciated by police officers of every persuasion Frank.


  9. Nettie says:

    ‘Handcuffs with an easy escape safety feature.’

    Come on now, where’s the fun in that!


  10. “Glenn, who found this empty box of love cuffs on the horseshoe bridge’

    While he was walking the dog that ate his homework?

    Glenn – My advice is next time try:

    “This guy I met in a pub – he was wearing jeans and a t-shirt — shortish hair”


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