From my recent travels to the wild south.

I know this sort of statement is supposed to be so subjective that it doesn’t have to stand scrutiny, but Brendon, at least try and make it sound believable! Are you really telling us that after touring the planet as a cricketer and a travel show reporter that the attractions of Dunsborough are unmatched? The same Dunsborough that used to be a quaint backwater but is now the ugliest town in the southwest? Also, if you’re going to put it on a billboard, learn how to spell nowhere. TWOP has been to a lot of places around the world as well, but no where have we seen such tosh.

To really do some good, this giant Brendon Julian should take that golf club and demolish the whole town centre. Schoolies shouldn’t be discouraged from coming to Dunsborough, they should all be given a bulldozer. Any charm the town once had has been wrecked by development, so a schoolie rampage could only make improvements. Bunbury is a much more attractive town these days, and that’s a sad, sad thing to say.


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About AHC McDonald

Comedian, artist, photographer and critic. From 2007 to 2017 ran the culture and satire site The Worst of Perth
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26 Responses to Dunceborough

  1. Anonymous Perthon says:

    Doesn’t he like, live in Sydney. I too, was unfortunate enough to be in Dunsborough recently. What a soulless and unpleasant place that has turned into – but if we let the developers have Dunnysborough perhaps they’ll leave the rest of the area alone.


  2. As a comedian, I’m ashamed to say that the old part of Bunbury town was looking pretty good. We won’t be able to make those country bumpkin cracks. We may have to switch to Dunsborough as the butt of jokes. There are still many people who are maintaining the fantasy that Dunsborough is a nice place.


  3. skink says:

    if Brendon’s parents can’t even spell his name
    (Brendan being a more familiar spelling), you can hardly expect him to grow up with a dictionary in his lap

    perhaps the attractions that Dunny offers that no others can match include cash endorsements and never having to pay for a round of golf again

    Dunny is slowly turning into Subi-Centro-on-Sea, just another sandpit suburb, but far, far away.


  4. Rolly says:

    I realise that this blog is meant to be satirical and/or light hearted but it really is difficult not to become entirely depressed with the progress(??) of our society in this direction.
    I had the misfortune to venture into our newer Northern suburbs recently and was reminded of the huge cemeteries one finds in countries like Italy with their mini-palacial tombs and crypts all jammed together with hardly enough room to maneouvre oneself between them.
    Except that, in the middle of the afternoon, there would have been more activity in a cemetery.


  5. Keep you chin up mate. A trip to the giant donger bench might cheer you up. For me it’s all the houses without eaves roasting in the sun that really enrages me. Dunsborough did actually depress me a little. If we didn’t have Brendon Julian to laugh at, it would be too much to bear.


  6. Dunnysburg accidentally destroyed in zombie schoolie film mishap screams headline of the Worst Australian.


  7. Mez says:

    actually, if you view this billboard from behind, Brendon’s upturned smily head looks just like a giant donger


  8. I’m sure it does Mez. I’m sure it does.


  9. Rage says:

    Dunsborough? Worse than Mandurah.
    That billboard? Excellent. It has a touch of the 1950s about it, but that might just be the faded colour.


  10. The Intellectual Bogan says:

    Anonymous Perthon, that’s what they said about Hitler too, and look how that turned out (although Mr H employed better architects).


  11. I can’t help thinking that Speer would have created a much more impressive plaza for the bakery precint though Intell.


  12. David Cohen says:

    BJ (born in New Zealand, highest Test score 56*) and Dunsborough; Justin Langer (Subiaco, 250) and Smiths Beach; Adam Gilchrist (Bellingen, 204*) and – ??
    Watch this space…


  13. Bren Don-Julian says:

    Look, this is just so unfair.

    I just happened to be in Duns Borough during schoolies, had a bit much to drink, and then vaguely recall laying into someone with a golf club (as you do).

    Really, there should be laws against paparazzi invading the privacy of honest, law-abiding, citizens. They killed Princess Diana, after all.


  14. I suppose that would explain your spelling too.


  15. The Intellectual Bogan says:

    LA, thanks, I’ve now got to get the coffee out of my keyboard.

    I’m going to find it hard to get the mental image out of my head. The architect for the Thousand Year Reich reduced to doing journeyman work for on tasteless developments by WA property tycoons :-).

    I’ve removed one word of this for legal reasons Intell – Lazy Aussie


  16. The Intellectual Bogan says:

    Fair enough.

    Speaking of bad architecture, I must get round to photographing a house a few streets from Chez Bogan. It’s very….unusual for WA. I think you’ll like it.


  17. Great. Bring it on. Have had quite a few house submissions this week. Might have to go to 2 posts a day again. I actually would love to see what Speer would have done with Dunsborough. 10 000 schoolies with flaming torches… Ah, but it’s not to be.


  18. greg hoey says:

    Lived down there mid to late 90’s [signwriting-yuck!] between yalingup and dunsboro. Magnificent forests being levelled for cement slabs as far as the eye could see. Its not just the odd but appalling shopping mall. Not sure want to see it again esp after reading some these comments.


  19. Flyinggaff says:

    No shops at Yallingup beach any more. Town houses built in it’s place.
    Units next to the prettied up Caves hotel.
    Three Bears Hotel isn’t allowed to have bands anymore.
    $50.00 to climb through the cave with the kids.

    Still better than Bunbury.


  20. greg hoey says:

    I don’t believe that!! Desecration.


  21. Dukes says:

    “Matches” being the operative suggestion.


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  24. Natalia Fan #1 says:

    Did I just see a list of the scientific practices on offer at some shopping centre or other, or am I entirely hallucinating now?


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