Sit On This

OK. The first part of Nettie’s visit to Mundaring’s sculpture park was a stalemate, with reactions divided over whether Stuart Elliot’s Evil Tourists were bad or good. Surely not much to wonder about with this bench though. Makes my eyes water just posting it. Would you sit on this? Don’t answer that Hokusan. Nettie says…

From front on it’s supposed to be some man holding out his humongous hand that you sit on. From side on it looks kind of like a …well, you know. You don’t even need a gutter mind like myself to figure that one out!

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About The Lazy Aussie

Commended Haiku writer. A lover of The West's Worst. Perth stand-up comedian, photographer and writer.
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21 Responses to Sit On This

  1. Rolly says:

    I wish.
    Absolutely classic.


  2. Mez says:

    that one is by Jon tarry. There are some more flattering views of it… or less, depending on your preference


  3. This is The Worst of Perth. I’m hardly going to use the best looking angle am I Mez? Thing is, it shouldn’t even have an angle like this to view it by.


  4. Mez says:

    haha – agreed

    wonder what it looks like on google earth?


  5. BC Planning says:

    Now this pic is the Worst of Perth…I dont think anything’s is topping this (pun) for a while


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  7. Nettie says:

    LA, I laughed my arse off when I read your email. Very succinct.

    ‘Donger bench posted.’



  8. solo hokusan says:

    that is quite literally the most amazing thing i have ever seen.


  9. I thought you’d like it.


  10. Nettie, I considered sending “Donger Up!” but decided against it.


  11. Golden1 says:

    Now there is a sculpture that SHOULD be outside the Perth Railway Station.


  12. Yes Golden1 a match made in heaven. “Sit on this” sculpture is a classic in the genre ” my psychiatrist told me I need an outlet for my creativity”.


  13. Increase your creativity by 7 inches overnight.


  14. schlock holmes says:

    elementary my dear watson, the mystery is why the giant cockup!


  15. empirejess says:

    i studied for a short semester with jon tarry. i’m not surprised at all that this came from him, that arty-farty, puffed-up, self-righteous toad. there’s quite a few of his “works” up in joondalup as well


  16. greg hoey says:

    Many dissapointed art students leave our art institutions jess through the reasons you have stated – puffed up dissapointing art academicians [teachers-erk!] them and all the art politics.


  17. bzet says:

    he is as good “artist” as i am bishop… i am atheist…


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  20. sav says:

    Hah. That’s my neighbour’s house in the background. And yes, I have sat on this bench. Yes, it was weird.


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