Heath Ledger? He aint worst.

TWOP has enough traffic to appear near the top of many search pages that mention Perth even slightly, explaining how Heath appears several times in the stats page. Very sad. Not where he should have ended up.


Many bizarre search results end up with visitors to this page. Here’s a selection of the best from this week. I like how even people who are searching for Scarborough sluts or Heath’s funeral still cannot resist clicking on a TWOP post. (These are terms put into google, that have ended up at TWOP)

perth perth heath ledger, G’day from WA shirt, piddling pussies, skimpy pubs, first level of hell, Rottnest Something Something, Perth brothels, brothels for sale perth, why is transperth website shit, spanking brothels,
scarborough sluts, perth is shit, hillsong perth australia, Air conditioner on lawn,
teh west australian, paul murray, burial perth, Morley Drive, Perth Scotl

Due to a lack of technology, I am sorry to say that for the first time in about 120 days, TWOP may miss its first ever daily post. (Sunday). Someone get me a bad skyshow pic PLEASE.

About The Lazy Aussie

Commended Haiku writer. A lover of The West's Worst. Perth stand-up comedian, photographer and writer.
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11 Responses to Heath Ledger? He aint worst.

  1. Nettie says:

    Sorry babe, I was going to go to the skyshow but due to feeling like complete and utter shit, I won’t be. I don’t really want to add sunburnt and heat stoke to it!
    If you need substitute photos I can take one of me sitting on my couch watching SG1 dvds ;-)


  2. James says:

    The G’day from WA one might’ve been me! Does anyone know where I could get one, or know of anyone with one? I say its time to resurrect them (or maybe I’ve been living out of WA for too long?)


  3. solo hokusan says:

    the Scarborough sluts one might’ve been me!
    Does anyone know where I could get one, or know of anyone with one?


  4. You have both been living out of WA too long. A Scarborough slut will probably be easier to find than a G’day from WA shirt.


  5. Juffy says:

    $50 says you could find at least one Scarborough slut wearing a Gday from WA shirt tomorrow…

    …where by “shirt” I mean “t-shirt converted to bikini with a pair of rusty scissors”


  6. Scarborough Sluts is a franchise I think.


  7. I really like “Airconditioner on lawn.”


  8. Juffy says:

    Just because there’s 2000 of them doesn’t mean they’re a franchise. :)

    (besides, I didn’t think under-18s could own a franchise…?)


  9. cimbali says:

    hey LA did you know that there is a small but persistent rumour that Heath attended Mary’s Mount for a brief part of his education? So there is a TWOP connection of sorts.


  10. Rage says:

    Note to whomever is interested: I’m fairly sure that those crazy kids over at Family (a store which has featured on TWOP, complete with it’s pacman head thingies) have reprinted the G’day from WA t-shirts. Because, they are so, like, totally retro and ironic! Expect to see them pumped out at Amplifier ASAP.


  11. kitten says:

    PIDDLING PUSSIES? what. the. fuck.


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