Done your hammy

I will get back to Nettie’s visit to Mundaring Sculpture Park very soon, as it seemed that the first post wasn’t worst enough for youse all, (!) and there is another piece she sent that I’m sure would be worthy. However new guest Hotlblackdesiato has sent in a submission from Hamilton Hill, and I’m very keen to get more in from South of the river. The power station in the second pic has a very strong TWOP connection. This is the setting for most of the action for The Day of The Panther, where John Stanton and Jason Blade practiced tax exempting kung fu in the mid 1980’s. It is also the location where I dragged heavy lights and ballasts up and down iron ladders for a week as a Best Boy, generally having an excellent time. Hotblack’s photos are rather too good actually. It’s as if he’s trying not to show the worst side.

Hotblackdesiato says…

Manning Park in Hamilton Hill, the actual park isn’t too bad – It is when you walk up from the rather rusty earth moving equipment with very flat tyres and go up the path at the back. During the 80’s as some sort of “employ itinerant youth” project they have made 3 quite disparate lookouts that just stun in the appalling design and woeful construction.The rather odd one closest to the sea is the best, with views over the dilipdated power station, toxic drum processing plant and the latest attempt to generate extremely expensive land from an old rubbish tip…
Manning Park
Manning Park
Manning Park

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9 Responses to Done your hammy

  1. Anonymous Perthon says:

    Looks like a ghost town, but the shots are rather poetic hotblack, could you put less effort in next time?
    Just looking at the middle shot – how many bodies do you think are buried there?


  2. Juffy says:

    I always wondered why those lookouts were so unbelievably bad. They’re also convenient tools for sadist – we do orienteering around Manning Park occaisionally, and someone ALWAYS thinks it’s a good idea to stick a control on top of one of the lookouts.


  3. crankynick says:

    There’s a plethora of really ugly shit in the City of Cockburn.

    They have, for example, some of the sorriest specimens of public art you’ll ever see.

    They’ve built these bloody awful stone columns, with hideous rusted wire sculptures on top – of ships, and suchlike.

    I’ll try to get some photos to you in the next week or two.


  4. Please do cranker. Phone camera shots fine.


  5. Looking more, I quite like that lookout. The view no, but the lookout seems like it could be looking over a Spanish waste dump.


  6. crankynick says:

    I’ll toddle down on the bike in the next week or two with a real camera and see what I can spy.


  7. CK says:

    Love the Collie standing guard. They’re mad you know …


  8. Nettie says:

    The last pic looks like something from Soviet Russia…


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