Outrage Sunday 147 phoenix

Our bed-selling friends have re-grouped, and are doing the avian business. Exceptional men.feralbirdThis Bulwer Street specimen won’t be doing anything pheonix-like, though, alas. treemurderAnd I hope the young bloke who was in this Curtin Uni dunny was able to rise again. The pen gives the scene extra pathos. spewpen

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15 Responses to Outrage Sunday 147 phoenix

    • Snuff says:

      What was he doing in Bulwer Street ? We shouldn’t be too critical when it’s not actually his work.


    • Sir Bill International says:

      This story is remarkable. Troy’s contempt for the public knows no bounds.


      • Sir Bill International says:

        If you have a spare 5 minutes , read Buswell’s report on his trip. Forget about plagiarism for a minute , you might as well have sent a Year 12 student on the same trip to report on it. It merely consists of we were here and we were there.


  1. Dame Shazza says:

    Is it a Cocos? If so, not worst.


  2. Dear God. How fucked is Eurovision?


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