Outrage Sunday 307 constant and deliberate change journey

Forget the Lame-Stream Meeja, and their sham, drudgery, and broken dreams. Independent newspapers are where the good stuff can be found. Voice reporter David Ding-Dong Bell has a bloke we can get behind. “The city has been on a constant and deliberate change journey for the past three years.” It’s a Three Year Plan! Next: The Electrification of The Mt Hawthorn Letter Boxes! I’m sure you’ll agree that to have more, we must produce more, and to produce more, we must know more.
Turn to teh Echo for another revolutionary. Mr Smith quoted Edmund Burke in his maiden speech, so you know he’s made of the right stuff. Mr Smith Cleanses the World of Excuse-Makers and Blame-Shifters!
For light relief we turn to teh Chook, and a kiddie contacting measles. Yikes! I have contacts – I hope they’re germ-free!
I was baffled by this Bassendean edifice. Why do the numbers go the wrong way? Why aren’t there enough newspaper tubes? They need a constant and deliberate change journey.

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2 Responses to Outrage Sunday 307 constant and deliberate change journey

  1. Sir Bill International says:

    Which edition of “The Echo” is Smithie in , Sir Davo ? Kalamunda , Ellenbrook , Midland or Mundaring ? All these people in local newspapers , surely they are ripe for an internet takeover. Vote BHL one ! , for the revolution.


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