Outrage Sunday 205 sweat chilli sauce

Prawn crakers, chicen noodles, and sweat chilli sauce: on the menu at hot new small bar Liam’s Shreddings now! IMG_1048 4
But no sauce at Fire & Ice anymore. Just a mousetrap, Astroturf, and half an oyster shell. The humanity of the disappearing vibrancy. IMG_1024 2 IMG_1025 2
I found this enraging. Snuff, can you please point me to be the blog that shames people who can’t even get the greengrocers’ apostrophe the right way up? IMG_1047
This was not enraging at all. It was a Bennodiction.IMG_1042 3

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6 Responses to Outrage Sunday 205 sweat chilli sauce

  1. juantrak says:

    The sweat chilli is obviously home-made on the premises by the Drovers Cook.

    “Now the drovers’ cook weighed 15 stone and he had one bloodshot eye
    He had no laces in his boots and no buttons on his fly.
    His pants hung loosely round his hips hitched by a piece of wire,
    And they concertinaed round his boots in a way that you’d admire.

    Well he stuck the billy on to boil and then emptied out his pipe,
    And with his greasy shirt sleeve, he gave his nose a wipe.
    With pipe in mouth he mixed a dough and a drop hung from his chin,
    And as he mixed the damper up, the drip kept dripping in …..”


  2. Russell Woolf's Lovechild says:

    One Fat Wog Cunt burger please.


  3. you'll get wet says:

    Hope it’s not Barra from the NT. If it is, it may have been …

    … left on the mudflats for hours for the upper side to bake under the Dry season sun, while the underside is eaten out by Sealice, and both sides contested by mudcrabs, pelicans and dingos. The latter may be black and tans descended from WW2 feral military pets. What’s left ain’t pretty but good enough for the middle layer of the tray, overlaid with nice bold red grainy fillets from a fresher fish. Oh and I forgot, as soon as the Barra hits the mesh, the shoulder flesh gets bruised and has to be discarded or will turn green after freezing. The whole thing may turn green anyway, but so what, that’s the middle layer. River fish fare better, unless claimed by a gator that regards the net as his property and takes a chomp outta every fish, tail first. The rest is a bit ragged but good enough for the middle layer. Then there’s the ‘Night Barra’ and ‘Gypsy Salmon.’ You will search the literature for them in vain. They exist -, they’re just not Barra or Salmon. But good enough for the middle layer. Now, enjoy your burger!


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