Outrage Sunday FIFOnation

I’m grateful to David ‘Jezza’ Bell for the first four pics. WA is turning into a gaint Airstrip One, where Cessnas disgorge flouro-vested workers who dream of guitar-shaped barbeques.

Maths was never my best subject, but if the artwork is $250, and the shoot is $69, then the hair and make up must be $230, yes? These figures are comfortably within the FIFO Pert CPI, if so.

As the FIFOisation of the nation occurs, so does the degradation of the language. No free range nonsense – those are cage eggs.

The FIFO younglings husband their energy and demand to be towed around the zoo.

The adults steer their Montereys to Rottnest and hunt quokkas for sport.

Catch you over Eggs Benno in the Chestnut Tree Cafe!


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10 Responses to Outrage Sunday FIFOnation

  1. skink says:

    Zoltan Kovac’s textual analysis of ‘Fifty Shade of Grey’ in Teh West yesterday was the funniest thing I have read this month.

    it was like watching a caveman stare at a telephone, wondering where the voices were coming from.


  2. mrsstone says:

    Is the clothing on the mannequin offered as an option for the ‘glamour’ shot?


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