Me on 6PR tonight -anti mundite

I will be interviewed on 6PR tonight (Sunday 24th August) about Kalamunda. ie how crap the town centre is. 9:10pm. Mundites and anti-mundites, keep it locked!

About The Lazy Aussie

Commended Haiku writer. A lover of The West's Worst. Perth stand-up comedian, photographer and writer.
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26 Responses to Me on 6PR tonight -anti mundite

  1. Rong1 says:

    Do people still have AM radios? A Wireless?


  2. Tinker Bell says:

    Media whore. The Worst of “Sponsored by Pepsi” Perth. Only kidding. Looking forward to hearing your voice. I thought you were a Golem.


  3. Frank Calabrese says:

    Being interviewed by John Cranfield no less and you can stream it here –


  4. Plonka says:

    Thanks for that Frank, I will set my alarm and use my neighbours wi-fi. All sorted. Looking forward to hearing you TLA. Is this a talk back?


  5. Frank Calabrese says:

    Well John Cranfield said on air that he welcomed calls on the subject


  6. juantrak says:

    Kalamunda joining up with Belmont?? Arrrghh! A marriage between the hill tribespeople and the flatlanders??
    This could produce bastard offspring that would make the toughest amongst us, recoil in horror!!
    A fine, polished on-air performance there, TLA. Not a swear word to be heard.
    I must say, I’m surprised you didn’t slip in a few jokes, and some self-promotion for your next show.

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  7. Plonka says:

    I listened and I thought you were very tactful. Did he actually read the blog? Any way, well done. Gotta admit, i nearly rang in. I was going to open with …..” I’m an accountant, it’s a respectable profession and…..”.

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  8. Lass says:

    Beejezus. Be warned the 1st link leads to real time trauma. Worse than Kalamunda. 6PR Late night live. I’m melting…………….


  9. I’m apparently going to be dissing Kalamunda on Radio National Drive very shortly. (4:20 Tuesday.)


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