Outrage Sunday 146 civil disobedience II

Cottesloe. I swear I’m not making these up! The passive-aggresive lamination was strong in this one. I’ve also included Greg Hoey‘s latest advertising campaign, at the Eric Street shops. I’m not familiar with AWAKE: I look forward to skink paying for it and providing a review. Mr Hoey has always struck me as someone you’d meet in the Mos Eisley cantina: may the Fourth be with you! brushpleasemorehoey

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13 Responses to Outrage Sunday 146 civil disobedience II

  1. Sir Bill International says:

    Grogg’s given up on the Internets ? Teh Internets are relieved. As for the Mos Eisley cantina , droids are checked at the door.


  2. Snuff says:

    Most illegally ?


  3. skink says:

    “Read what the reactionary, fundamentalist christian lobby, the political establishment elite and what the over-gentrified, bourgeoisie liberal left of the literary world would prefer that you did not read. A great book that definitely isn’t for literary snobs!”-Evening Standard Book Review Quarterly.

    “LIKE IT OR NOT he is probably the most influential writer of our time”-Paris Review. “Two words -Page turner!!” Alan Saunders Reviewers Weekly.”OR IN OTHER WORDS -a rollicking good read!!” -Monica Bernstein, literary Editor Monthly Review of Books.

    Since most of my books have been downloaded to near death by just about everyone I must make my many avid readers aware that when you download some writers work illegally this means impoverishment unless they have a big, rich publisher who sells lots of their books like jk rowling”

    You don’t need my review if the Evening Standard and the Paris Review have already reviewed it


  4. skink says:

    my review: If Greg Hoey’s work doesn’t flush, use the brush


  5. NF#1 says:

    I assume I missed something recently and that this has already been covered, but just in case:

    greg hoey’s thoughtless thoughts
    ideas on contemporary social culture
    Monday, April 28, 2014

    David Cohen is a Congenial Kind of Guy?

    david cohen is a very congenial guy

    David Cohen is a very congenial looking guy?? [19th/5/2009]

    Interesting to see the likes of David Cohen in all his sartorial elegance host ABC’s ‘big ideas’.

    This is a side to him I never found on a blog he and his ‘friends’ run called ‘the worst of perth’.
    A site on which owing to my lack of head down and bowed abject contriteness over our recently elected PM’s public apology toward australia’s indigenous [not my lack of disagreement over an apology however], this clique of lively individuals that go by the name of TWOP being the humanitarian types and thoroughly decent satirists they see themselves as being, turned upon me and basically abused and taunted me on an almost continual basis.

    When I gave it back to them and in much better style they got all huffy and deleted any further attempt of mine to defend myself by posting rebuttals.

    -Nevertheless all the while continuing to abuse me at their site TWOP especially on behalf of two individuals that are obviously friends with the main man some local perth comedian ‘of note’ [shows what a small town it can be], whom I only know as ‘lisa’ and bill O’slatter [an assumed identity I suppose for purposes he well knows is to his own advantage and no one else’s] although the little joke about one of Billo’s ancestors getting a little too close for comfort to the rim of a toilet bowl with tongue did’nt go down too well with him I suspect [deleted].

    I’ve since found out that this form of harrassment via the internet is in fact illegal and I have the right to sue.

    Not that this would do me any good because I know that this clique of individuals that have been stalking and trying to control my life for their own ends will disallow me from seeking redress. They have done so in the past and if I do make any attempt to seek redress thru legal means or otherwise these [christian right-wing/opus dei] will see an end to my efforts.

    And is’nt it only right that people with the sartorial splendour of the david cohen’s of the world should be able to go on and have fruitful role’s as media adjudicators or public intellectuals in the area of politics and the humanity’s.

    Lets face it, it is only by being a complete and utter cnut that people like this ever get a head in life.


    ABC networks ‘unleashed’ is another site that uses similar tactics as the above towards those with dissimilar views to the people running it.
    As is saatchi online.

    Basically the moral of this essay is its all very well to go on and on about left-wing humanitarian concern, but when it persuades you toward cruel condemning bullying attitudes toward others over even the most minor of differences,

    – then quite simply you have failed to be anything more than hypocrit cowards with maybe only a minor variation, in that if you and your friends ever took the reins of power for real you would be just as likely to delete any opposition against your point of view as any police state officiousness but in a more politely bullshit nanny-state kinda way perhaps.

    The idiots that run “Worst of Perth” website have got a whole portion of their nasty little web-rag devoted to name calling and deriding me, some of which is pure vicious. They seem desperate to have me reply to all the nastyness and in turn give their stupid, annoying ‘witty’ little blog some attention, which they will no doubt get if I do bother replying [it usually turns out to be a huge gift, everybody wants my attention because of who I am unfortunately]. So typically an aspect of Perth’s small insular mindset as an outcome of its intellectual isolatedness.


  6. JaneZ says:

    Poor dude. You guys get all huffy with him *and* Opus Dei is on his case.


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