This is not the bindle you’re looking for…

The Federal Police, the costume, the tude, the swag, the Western suburbs knob wagons, the photo taken from the grassy knoll – This worst has it all. I like to think he was mumbling, “Why don’t you go after the REAL criminals like you know, Darth Vader.” Masterpiece by Shaun N.

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84 Responses to This is not the bindle you’re looking for…

  1. The Legend 101 says:

    Stupid, Who think the police here are useless?


    • saltysuzy says:

      Come on, who’s never walked home the next morning from a costume party, swag in pram…maybe even forgotten the kid. I do know someone who has done that, forgotten their kids at a party after a bender.


  2. skink says:

    I thought it was a staged version of this old photo, but it’s the Havelock Street sign is the icing on the cake:

    do stormtroopers really wear running shoes?


  3. JaneZ says:

    Marvellous, there are even Cocos.


  4. rottobloggo says:

    Wonderful. Amazing.


  5. Grrr says:

    I assume this young man was on his way to Supanova?

    Not worst. This is what I call vibrancy.

    What was the kid in the stroller dressed as, I wonder? Yoda?


  6. Rolly says:

    Barney & Co. will be all upset with this Commonwealth interference in State matters.
    Sir C.C. will be spinning in his grave that his proposals to create a “Police State” had come to this.


  7. octapotamus says:

    wonderful. makes me think.. what’s the difference between a hijab and an awesome storm-trooper outfit? ban one and ban them all, no thanks.


  8. orbea says:

    busting homeless out of work stormtroopers – “Fuck man I havent worked since Return of the Jedi, my big yummie mummie scene was cut”

    Truly an astonishing worst from Hay St, within a block of Federal Police HQ.


  9. Pete says:

    What about the ginge? So nonplussed he just walks on by – meh, we get this kind of vibrancy all the time in West Perth. Or perhaps it was schadenfreude – at least they’re not picking on ranga’s today.


  10. Pete says:

    I scanned that for lease sign carefully on my way past this morning hoping some creative yoof had scratched out enough letters to make a witty worst. Sadly not even FVK.


  11. Johnny Carlton in disguise trying to gain info on person in Fed witness protection scheme,


  12. Jonno says:

    That’s really bizzare. Why would Australian Federal Police even care?


    • Grrr says:

      AFP’s office is in West Perth, not far from there.

      I’m assuming since they do security at the airport the officer might have been concerned about an illegal alien in Perth. We are full, after all.


  13. This is quintessential TWOP – I challenge anyone to capture a more compelling image.


    • Rouei says:

      On my old supervisor’s iphone there is a picture of me with about 15 stormtroopers acting as security at a charity ball. One of them quite obviously has his hand on my ass. If I was still speaking to that company or that individual I would be able to get the image, but as it stands I fail the ‘pics of gtfo’ meme (if you all are familiar with that one)


  14. Yeast Coast says:

    Best worst for AGES!


  15. skink says:

    this photo has gone viral. I’ve already seen it on someone’s screen at work in large format in an email. Now it’s on WAToady:


  16. Nickerz says:

    Is there a baby stormtrooper in the pram? Want to see. MUCH.


  17. RubyRuby says:

    He’s down Bunbury way now, according to interview on 720 this morning. More pics from the South West contingent? (do we have a South West contingent? I mean, it’s school holidays at the moment, so maybe we do?)


  18. vegan says:

    there is a photo on the west website showing him at the busselton jetty. however, he is from busso, so it may be a story about that, and not where he is.

    sorry, couldn’t be bothered reading it.


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