Outrage Sunday 124 psychic

TLA and I took our bitches to the Ledge last night to see some theatre (it was no Hedda Gabler, let me tell you). On the way we admired what they’re doing here, opposite Grapeskin. The vibrancy is sublime. northbridgeThat gent looks like he could do with a spell behind the blue wall. I am a healing gerbalist. cohenclinicThe redevelopment will be ordinary, and that gent won’t be at my Lifestyle Clinic. How do I know? On Wednesday I won’t be refining my skills at the Psychic Development Group. You may have to do the Meetup thing to register your interest (you won’t), but here’s the gist: “Lets have some fun! This group is about expanding your intuitive gifts though practice, strengthening exercises and meditation. Group starts @ 7pm but we do settle in with a warm drink and raw sweets before we begin the session. A $5 Donation is all that’s required .There are only spots for 5 people as this group has been running for a little while. If you need me my number is 0420657932. Cant wait to see you there.” Koongamia. I foresee great things, and the crisis continuing. full_1463382

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