the best and the worst

A double-page spread of art in today’s West! But there is a downside: the Flangemaster and skink say their pics appear in the report, without attribution. Perhaps there is some mistake: I can’t imagine a news behemoth like The West Australian publishing the pics of others without attribution or even seeking permission. I have emailed Yartz Editor Stephen Bevis for clarification. I wonder what TLA and skink would have charged to have their work published in the daily newspaper of record?


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18 Responses to the best and the worst

  1. I was asked by a leading literary journal for permission to use the Gina turd and I said yes if there was a credit. All very polite. Skink would have just said no. The thing is, TWOP actually goes into the reasons behind bad sculpture. Much more in depth than these throwaway lines.


    • rottobloggo says:

      I get the sense Jesper may have drafted the West assessments.


    • skink says:

      why would I have said no?

      that photo was used by one of the local papers and they asked for permission via this website and I was happy for them to use it, and they credited me with the picture and TLA with the story.
      The fact that a local paper can do the right thing whilst Teh West think they are above such niceties is illustration of just how arrogant and comprehensively shite Teh West has become. I thought that Nurry was the benchmark of lazy halfarse cut-and-paste buttersnapshitfuckery but these guys have set a new low.

      Then Yeoman does a lazy piece next to it about how Marc Quinn’s floaty baby is an inspirational example of good public art (it’s not, it’s inane Disneyfuckation).

      pity Yeoman hadn’t read Jonathan Jones excellent piece on Quinn, then he could have plagiarised a better class of criticism:



    • skink says:

      what would I have charged?
      I would have been happy to swap my photo for anything in the Kerry Stokes Collection.


      • Bento says:

        You mean Channel 7?


        • skink says:

          no, I meant something of value
          he has some rather nice Tiwi pukamani poles. I reckon he owes me one of those.

          incidentally, I turned on the radio last week and Patti Chong was on.
          She was saying: ‘I sincerely and truly apologise to all the victims of my abuse, their friends and families, and express my deep remorse and contrition for my conduct.’
          I thought: ‘about bloody time she said sorry’
          but it turned out she was just reading out a statement from her client Dennis McKenna.

          her profile is so low, defending serial paedos is the only publicity she can get now.


  2. Russell Woolf's Lovechild says:

    I never buy Teh Worst (I figure it only encourages them to print more). Anybody know what made it to No 1 with a bullet?


  3. Major H B Newby says:

    Dear Sirs, The cowards at the Worst Australian would not have the gumption to post on the Internets as they would soon be revealed as plagiarists via Google image search.


  4. My Ning says:

    Teh Worst should replace its column pic of Paul Murray with one of the ones published by TWOP – possibly the one where he is the Toxic Avenger … a much more accurate portrayal of Mr Poison Cut n’ Paste.


  5. Arcadia says:

    “This work has nothing much to say but goes ahead and says it anyway.” Says what? This makes no sence!


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