Binning History

The Colour H took shots of CHOGM artworks in the *snort* Cultural Centre, and wondered what happened to the pieces afterwards. See below. And Jane saw some pro CHOGM love in Angove Street North Perth.

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Commended Haiku writer. A lover of The West's Worst. Perth stand-up comedian, photographer and writer.
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66 Responses to Binning History

  1. NF#1 says:

    As I’ve said previously:

    … So take all your twigs
    And your Spiegeltent gigs
    And painted milk-crates too

    Crash them together
    In search of an answer
    Or sit back and let culture accrue


  2. jana.mack says:

    thats the second I love chogm graf I have seen!


    • valerie wooduffe puppy walking says:

      jana.mack the nearest thing we get in Mullaloo to a I love chogm graf, is “I love valerie woodruffe’s cunt, phone >deleted<" graf, in the gents dunnie on Mullaloo beach


  3. Snuff says:

    Now that’s Western Australian art. Boxes of registered lawn.


  4. JaneZ says:

    Look much as I hate to suggest it this Valerie person is clearly not going to fuck off of her own accord, and she is boring and unfunny and inserts herself and her one note personality disorder into everything, thereby derailing any thoughtful or amusing comments or conversations before they can begin. How do you feel about banning, TLA? I’m sure it’s not just me.


    • Last ban I suggested was overturned by the people. Sure, if it’s the will of the masses.


    • valerie woodruffe mullaloo beach sand in my camel toe says:

      Oi you, JaneZ, with the adam’s apple. Just because I have had a brain injury and have OCD does not mean that I have a “personality disorder”.

      Those like you that call for “banning” are akin to Nazis in Hitler’s Germany, what will you want to ban next?


    • valerie woodruffe Zzzzzzzzzzzzzzz says:

      JaneZ, my TIC comment is completey on topic, if you know anything about “Brillo Pads” and their intended use, (which blatantly don’t appear to). So quit your whinging

      If you find my comments “boring and unfunny” Do NOT read them


      • RubyRuby says:

        Valerie, it’s not you, it’s us. All of us stick in the muds who have grown fond of this haven of Perth-bashing yet loving yet somehow heartsick and hating dialogue, diatribe and daily updates on the state of our fair city and its leading lights.

        Maybe you should consider finding another site where your contributions are more in line with general thinking, a peer group with an interest in you and your life?

        Or you could make a worst submission to TLA and we can all join in the party together?

        Maybe treating you as a fellow Perthite with an interest in worsts will help you join in the conversation in a more constructive way? Here’s one tip – there is no competition to have the last word. In fact, it would be nice to see the banter flow a little more. Please?




        • valerie woodruffe very upset says:

          RubyRuby lovely Ruby, I agree that its not me (or you) its the “stick in the muds”

          BTW I never was trying to have the last word, As a “Perthite” (I take it Mullaloo cums under Perth)? I was just interested in commenting on Perth’s worsts, and noticed 50% of the comments were off topic, so presumed (maybe wrongly, as it obviously doesn’t apply to a married bisexual woman with a lesbian preference in an unfulfilling marriage who has suffered a brain injury [stroke] from surbian Mullaloo), that my sometimes conflate comments were just as acceptable as the off topic renderings of the stick in the muds. Obviously not, what’s good for the boys doesn’t apply to us less mortals without the tackle between our legs


          • WAtching says:

            Honey, we traded in the hegemony stick for brand new shiny ivory dildos years ago…


          • RubyRuby says:

            I think it’s great that you are engaging socially, in whatever way, with the world around you. It doesn’t sound like it’s easy for you, but hey, we’ve all got problems and issues which are part of our private lives. The key word here is “private”.

            The idea of having something to offer is possibly to accept that the world and the internet is not all about you and your psycho-sexual biography, and possibly to enlighten, entertain and inform us about material that is more usually discussed in the public domain.

            Fascinating as your situation may or may not be to other individuals, this is not the place to air your personal situation. This is as much about respecting yourself and your own personal space as it is about how other people may react to your contributions. All are welcome on this blog, TLA is the most accommodating moderating overlord ever, but unless you cease ad hominem attacks, stop giving us all too much information about your angsts, griefs and grievances, we will find it hard to interact with you in a positive manner.

            It’s a boundaries issue – save your personal issues for your friends and loved ones, lighthearted, good natured banter for here.

            *gets ready to be shot down for engaging with troll*


    • shazza says:

      Yes. Banhammer her arse.


    • phreestyle says:

      I don’t even like reading this blog now, and it was on fairly high rotation for my weekend internet catch up. Maybe some kind of blocking feature including the words ‘Valerie’ or ‘Woodruffe’


    • Valerie Woodruffe so over being impersonated by a fuckwit says:

      The real Valerie Woodruffe has been trying to get this disgusting thing stopped for so long, it is tiresome. Please, please….ban ALL posts from Valerie Woodruffe


  5. Fairly succinct little photoessay on the Commonwealth post-Empire I’d say. The real worst is our fucking selves…


  6. WarriorTom says:

    …especially those amongst us who claim to be all environment and shit and then go fucking it up anyway all in pursuit of the almighty resources $$$. This sure is a sick society.


  7. WarriorTom says:

    Just imagine the “HOG” replaced by “U” and then there really is something to laugh about.


  8. Russell Wolfe's Lovechild says:

    The skip isn’t art right?


  9. The Legend 101 says:

    Ugly Pants!


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