Weekend Worstoff 93

“Shonquice”,  resident at Perth 6000 has a Nowegian friend who snapped this church in Karratha, one of the vilest towns in the country. Check out the lovely photo of derelict Perry Lakes on S’s blog too. David M sent in this artwork from Midland. No shot up the dress David?Phill saw a nice chair tagging in was it Cannington? Ironically a pathetic attempt to make a lasting reminder in the city, now will be remembered for ever here after all.And Dani saw some nice signwriting. Worst well.

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Commended Haiku writer. A lover of The West's Worst. Perth stand-up comedian, photographer and writer.
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39 Responses to Weekend Worstoff 93

  1. shazza says:

    I like that Midland art. Nice shot David M.


    • curious says:

      shazz, i think it is one of quite a few sculptures that are dotted through midland, particularly around the workshops and the town centre. they are all about the way people used to work and live in midland.

      sometimes i like them, sometimes i don’t. it’s worth a drive out there to check out the art, there is quite a lot of it.


      • Actually I think I posted another of these a year or two ago.


      • shazza says:

        Thanks for the tip curious. Truth told, it would have to be art of a very special calibre to get me to Midland. In the spirit of my new found positivity I should add I’m sure Midland is a good place to stop to grab a drink on your way through to the hills or Swan Valley. Much like Bunbury is a good stopover for a toilet break on the way to Margaret River.


        • curious says:

          i understand shazz – i love the old workshops and get to visit occasionally for work, but midland i prefer to just pass through.


  2. stu says:

    Most brilliantly somebody obviously corrected the sign writer on the spelling of diesel as the first A is on fresh paint,

    “Yeah that’s heaps better ay”


  3. rolly says:

    There’s so much worst about, …..”it’s everywhere, it’s everywhere…” just like ChickenMan.

    Getting potable water from a Jeep, even with a manual air.con cold electric whatyoumightcallit, is a rare achievement.
    Getting anywhere in a jeep without excessive expense is, too.


  4. Snuff says:

    I don’t mind the sculpture either, but the signwriting is definitely as worst as Karratha. Yes, it’s an excellent con, but what’s OBO ?



  5. Ljuke says:

    I drove past those chairs the other day. They’re right across from the train line, I think near the Welshpool station?


  6. skink says:


    I think it should be Yeswegian, in line with shazza’s new mood of positivity


  7. skink says:

    pedant’s corner:

    your tweet should read the USS Carl Vinson


    I remember that weekend when it was in Freo maybe about ’92

    I had never seen so many ugly women on the streets in my life, and they all got a root. Many of them several.

    loved the Salinger-Winton tweet

    now that he is dead perhaps we shall at last see publication of Salinger’s long lost surfing novel.


  8. Your recent views have made this the biggest ever month for TWOP with a day to spare. Will be close to 75 000. Next stop 100 000 per month.


  9. hovean says:

    The tea lady seems to be interfering with the table top. Midland boilermakers not good enough?


  10. Frank Calabrese says:

    And Crazy Colin’s Stop & Search laws may be dead meat thanks to Grant Diddums and his Upper House Colleagues :-)



  11. NVL_II says:

    Thanks TLA….

    ..the Norwegian’s also had a photo of Dampier – now THAT is a truly vile place.

    Yours forever,


  12. graham says:

    I think of Religion as one single concept. This concept in its broadest sense produced Angkor Wat – and the Karratha church. I wonder if the Karratha church produces a spine tingling moment when you see it in person for the first time?


  13. AR says:

    What, he couldn’t spell weasel?


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