Ten years on…

Surprisingly I have had requests to show pics of my Parker pen I received for 10 years service at Curtin. Also shown is my 1970’s Sheaffer Triumph fountain, which is I think classier,  but the Parker is heavy enough to put down a riot which is nice. Sort of like a Penang Lawyer. In other news, Tony of Aftergrog Blog sent me the news that Tim Winton will be on a postage stamp. I couldn’t find a picture, but, from HeraldSun Winton said he was delighted writers were selected for the Australian Legends stamp series. “It’s great to think that Australians would honour writers in the same way that it has honoured sports stars,” he said.

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35 Responses to Ten years on…

  1. Caribou Bob says:

    Ah, the parker pen, the pocket-sized bludgeon no long service employee should be armed without.


  2. Onanist says:

    LA, great news about the stamp – now you can lick the back of Tim Winton’s head!


  3. monkeypants says:

    the overuse of “legend” in the media alarms me greatly on a daily basis. precisely which of tim wintons efforts would be considered legendary?

    he writes books for fucks sake. he doesn’t single handedly save planets or rescue small children or win cricket matches for australlia. unless i have completely missed something?

    i believe this is way more appropriate for his stamp :


  4. skink says:


    they make it sound like it was an act of loyalty, rather than inertia.


    • shazza says:

      The term ‘service’ is also used in studs.


      • skink says:

        does it say Curtin on the other side?

        or is it a generic non-specific ten year gift from the Corporate Crap Store?

        at the last company I worked for, the twat who was in charge of business development bought a carton of ties with the company logo from one of those business gift supply companies. They were nasty nylon things and so fucking ugly that nobody wanted one. He had a cupboard full of them that he couldn’t get rid of.

        In the end they became the equivalent of a white feather. If you did something particularly stupid someone would leave a tie on your desk.

        I have two.


  5. Cimbali says:

    Have you really only been there for 10 years – seems like much longer than that!


  6. Michael says:

    What’s the 20-year gift like?


  7. poor lisa says:

    Kath and Kim have been on a stamp. They deserved it.


  8. Tony T says:

    Peter Carey, to quote the boss of me, “writes like he’s trying to sell you something.”

    Keneally’s poem for rugby league was one of your more puzzling ad campaigns.

    McCulloch’s Rome series is very excellent.


  9. rolly says:

    Legends are legends.

    My problem is getting size nines with enough width in them so as not to need to buy the next larger size.

    Legend, my foot.


  10. RaginDave says:

    I’ve used some Tim Winton’s for the first time …

    G’day from WA !


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