Bundyman – He is risen

And I think it’s gonna be a long long time
Till the B&S brings me round again to find
I’m not the Campari man they think I am at home
Oh no no no I’m a Bundy man…
Bundy man puking up his ring up here alone… Elton John, Bundy Man

WAtching thinks he defeated Bundyman in a cricket match recently. WAtching also believes Bundyman might be a total plonker judging from the auto embellishment. I think Bundyman might just have a far more developed sense of irony than you WAtching. With the massive viewing demographic of The Worst of Perth, it is fairly certain Bundyman will see this post, so perhaps you two can debate irony or Ford vs Holden. Click for larger. Is an Apollo a Holden worth boasting about? Looks like a dumbed down Camry to me.

About The Lazy Aussie

Commended Haiku writer. A lover of The West's Worst. Perth stand-up comedian, photographer and writer.
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142 Responses to Bundyman – He is risen

  1. monkeypants says:

    ah, bundy, the stuff of dreams.

    that woman apparently enjoying the bestiality session certainly has very large areolae and nipples you could hang a wet duffle coat on.


  2. Word Salad says:

    To complement the Holden lion going 69 he should have the bundy bear rooting a guy up the arse


  3. shazza says:

    An Apollo? ha ha ha ha ha ha.


  4. WAtching says:

    Like I said TLA that holden sticker awakens in me the sort of indignance usually reserved for Sattler devotees…


  5. Bento says:

    Frittered all his Bundy coupons away on stickers, so had to do his own tinting on his fucking APOLLO. Priorities, man.


  6. Onanist says:

    My take on Bundy is that it it is evidence that the drinker has a juvenile mind and an unsophisticated palate, as it tastes like cough medicine.


  7. David Cohen says:

    Why do you pixellate normal number plates but show personalised ones in all their vain glory?


  8. NVLII says:

    I’d just like to say I liked the song, and would perhaps like to see another verse.


  9. phreestyle says:

    GMH are missing a golden opportunity here to turn their business around. They could release the ….

    Holden Boganwagon.

    Comes complete with FIFO and fat chick stickers of choice and Aussie flag on aerial.

    Drive away, no more to pay. They’d be clamouring, I tell ya.


  10. RaginDave says:

    Coincidentally I took a photo of “BUNDYBTCH” (sister, mother?) a week or so ago when I pulled in behind them (fnar fnar) on Charles St I think it was. I’ve been meaning to send it in but don’t have the right cable for my phone. Hopefully soon…


  11. Gilbo says:

    Apparently ‘red sock’ is a prison slang term for the results of a particularly violent anal rape.

    The guy on the right in that video looks like he’s about to dispense one for the bear …



  12. Gilbo says:

    In other news, can we start a worst for the most jingoistic, over-the-top Aussie flag car adornments?

    Has anybody else noticed a correlation between the size / number of flags and a rapid decline in IQ and social skills?


  13. I’m surprised Bundyman never made an appearance in the comments.


  14. PERTH IS AWESOME! says:

    I am finding this website very informative and interesting. Before looking at this link I was blissfully unaware that there were actually ‘adults’ that spend time looking for, and writing about negative things about Perth. That is an incredibly pessimistic view on life and your surroundings, it must be exhausting.
    I viewed the pictures of ‘bundyman’s’ car and then proceeded to scroll down the page. I was amazed to see that the comments turned into a discussion about the moral and personal character of the ‘bundyman’. Correct me if I am wrong, but it takes a lot more than a sticker on a car to know a person’s moral standing and substance.
    It seems to me that the discussion focused around the ‘holden tight’ sticker. While this sticker could be offensive to some, I found the comments written about it even more sexually explicit and inappropriate than the sticker itself.
    There was also a comment about Australian flag adornments having a direct correlation with a decline in IQ and social skills…? where have these ‘facts’ come from? It seems to me that ‘bundyman’ has not ‘risen’ and made comments defending himself because he is most likely out *socializing* or doing something constructive with his life instead of complaining about the city we live in.
    If you find it entirely necessary to write negative comments about the things around you, it would probably be best to keep your comments about the car itself, rather than making sweeping judgments about an individual, you do not know, in a public forum.


    • Yawn. You claim that you’ve read, but seem to understand nothing. Next you’ll be claiming that it’s not all about the rooting, or that despite not having big tits and blonde hair, you’ve only had one boyfriend. You seem to have neglected to write “get a life”, or “Despite being a plonker, I’m better than you.” Did you actually write “…but it takes a lot more than a sticker on a car to know a person’s moral standing and substance.”?
      I don’t understand why when it comes to anything vaguely connected with the country, commenters are determined to make themselves look like fucking morons. What is wrong with you?

      Re: “It seems to me that the discussion focused around the ‘holden tight’ sticker. While this sticker could be offensive to some, I found the comments written about it even more sexually explicit and inappropriate than the sticker itself.”
      Really? You found that did you? Dude. read it again. And then read Inseminators 09. It IS all about the rooting.


    • Natalia Fan #1 says:

      Correct me if I am wrong, but it takes a lot more than a few posts on a satirical forum to know a person’s moral standing and substance.


    • And I had totally forgotten. He’s driving a fucking Apollo! Even a bumpkin brain such as yourself PIA would have to concede that boasting about an Apollo is a devestating and highly accurate indicator of moral standing and substance? You didn’t even fucking look at the picture!


    • Mez says:

      Please explain PIA. When is Perth awesome? I want details and tickets to that event. If Perth is actually awesome I reckon you should post a few pics to prove it.

      for the record; I think Perth is nice, with nice weather (except for last Tuesday [awesome!]) and a damn square target for criticism.


      • Mez says:

        I just read my back issues of The West and realise that the really bad weather was actually on Monday but PIA should really get cunted anyway – BUT, I get home from work and log on and to my delight – Arsebuddy! But then find way, way too much Bundyman blogging – I hate Bundyman, I hate the fact that he has over 130 comments to his name – what about Arsebuddy? Better name, better prospects, better worst. Arsebuddy has to be better than Bundyman and deserves more posts

        I’m going there now


    • Natalia Fan #1 says:

      Hypothetical: PIA! open an internet forum called The Best of Perth. After a few weeks of enthusiastic posts extolling the virtues of Perth’s beaches, the weather, the Swan River, Kings Park, the laid-back attitude, Tim Winton, the Dockers, etc, interest rapidly dwindles. After all, the people who love all this stuff are too busy doing it – not surfing the web, talking shit on Sattler, complaining to their friends about migration, writing letters to the editor of The West, or any of the myriad other gainful pursuits available to the citizens of this gleaming metropolis.


    • shazza says:

      Grow up PerthisAwsome. Your post is both misinformed and embarrassingly sanctimonious. You clearly do not understand this blog, and now look like a right cunt.


    • Onanist says:

      It would probably be best if you fucked right off ya fucking cunt.


    • Pfortner says:

      Your a troll, arent you. We get so many troll’s on this site. Its unbeleivable. If your not a troll then you must be a Christian because no one else would put forward such asinien criticism’s. In any case take you’re comment’s and fuck off. Why dont you marry Perth if you like it so much.

      OH by the way. Your wrong. Thats a correction. ooh out *socialising* what might that entail, a night at the Foundry? Fuck off


  15. David Cohen says:

    Much have I complain’d in the realms of Perth,
    And many bad states and worsts seen;
    Round many western streets have I been
    Which bards in cunty to Holden’s earth.
    Oft of a boring expanse had I been told
    That slick-suited She-Ra ruled as her demesne;
    Yet did I never breathe its pure obscene
    Till I heard TLA speak out loud and bold:
    Then felt I like some spruuter of the wall
    When new graffiti swims into his ken;
    Or like stout Barnett when with pinky eyes
    He star’d at an open shop — and all his men
    Look’d at each other with a wild surprise —
    Gob-smacked, in the Road of Hampden.


  16. Fan says:

    I reckon the owner of that car is a champ! Good on him for not being ashamed of the ‘offensive’ sticker. Or whatever huge words you are all using to descirbe it. Seems to me like he doesnt give a shit about what other people think of him and is willing to display the type of person he is right there on his bumper. I’d like to shake that mans hand :)


  17. Fan says:

    A bit stereotypical don’t you think?


  18. rolly says:


    I think not.

    Mainstream, maybe.

    It’s contagious too.

    Just how many cars, houses and other accommodations does “Jack” actually live in.

    There’s no accountin’ fer folk!


  19. Natalia Fan #1 says:

    PIA and Fan’s timing is impeccable. After the great schism of earlier this week, we are presented with a common enemy and no longer turn on each other.


  20. Onanist says:

    I passed some tin shakers this morning and for the first time turned back to find out for what need they were actually collecting.

    Upon spying the evocative pictures of the poor defenceless beasts being tormented, I donated an appropriate amount and strolled away feeling both smug and virtuous, proudly sporting my “Stop The Bogan Baiting” sticker.


  21. Shreiking Wombat says:

    Peter Rabbit, Tank Killer:

    “Be quick and fetch the Panzerfaust anti-tank rocket launcher from Tom Kitten!” whispered Benjamin. So Peter went lipperty-lipperty all the way to Tom Kitten’s house.

    “Quick!” Peter implored him. “Lend me your Panzerfaust, for Mr. McGregor has a T-34 tank and will surely blast us all into bloody shards of flesh, bone and sinewy pulp if we are not careful, if we are not most circumspect!”

    Tom Kitten gave Peter his anti-tank rocket launcher willingly for Mr. McGregor had scolded him once. But by the time Peter had returned to his cousin, Mr. McGregor had driven up the road and opened fire on Jemima Puddleduck, killing her instantly.

    “Thank goodness you were not the least tardy!” cried Benjamin, as the turret of Mr. McGregor’s tank slowly turned towards the humble abode of Mrs. Tiggy-Winkle.

    “Waste the fucker!”

    Benjamin called out with the sensation of enjoyment. So Peter steadied the Bazooka on his shoulder and squinted one beady little rabbit eye down the sights.



  22. ben says:

    you guys are a bunch of cunts, you dont even know the bloke and are tearing him to shreds. get a fucking life!


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