50 Responses to Humanology

  1. skink says:

    his nipple appears to be having a conversation with his stomach


  2. Bento says:

    Pleased to see my monthly fee isn’t being frittered away on fancy furniture.


  3. Septic says:

    Hey, it’s not as bad as “Unworry”, thanks to the HBF ads.

    Other pet peeve in this direction – “incentivize.” A large poster in my work staffroom tells me that some stock has been “incentivized” (eurghh) for staff, meaning that we’re expected to sell more of it.

    But “Unworry” takes the cake. When I become Generalisimo of Australia, I’m going to outlaw insurance altogether.

    While I’m on the subject, WTF is with that twee music that accompanies HBF ads (and many others). Twee is the new black. Take your Frankie and stick it up your aerse!


  4. Cobber says:

    Speaking of westnet – has anyone ever noticed the similarity between the westnet logo and the image from one of the original “shock” websites [WARNING – POSSIBLY (actually, likely DEFINATELY) OFFENSIVE MATERIAL] goatse.cx (see http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Goatse.cx)?


  5. Cobber says:

    umm.. speed reading isn’t all it’s cracked up to be :(

    I saw Westnet, thought of goatse, got excited and jumped the gun…

    as you were.


  6. monkeypants says:

    One of the numerous definitions of “Humanology ‘ is the scientific study of human potential.

    If these guys act like a normal telco then they are sure to completely fuck over any positive human potential within their organisation.

    Their M.O. is good though. Real people answering the calls instead of super annoying voice detection machines.

    Just sounds mega wanky. Surely there had to be a better way to get their message across?


  7. WestnetSupport says:

    A bit of insider info…

    When they revealed the logo to several off the senior staff before launch, management had no idea it resembled the infamous symbol. One staff member had to take aside one of the managers and actually show him, as they had no clue. By then it was too late to change it.

    Also notice how Freedom’s logo is pretty much half the Westnet logo – their logo came out after Westnet, I wonder how much Freedom must of paid for what probably took 5 minutes work to crop the logo in half and change the colours of the fingers.

    Anyway, since iiNet owns Westnet now, they don’t really give a shit about Westnet, it’s gone to the dumps.


  8. NVLII says:

    GOATSE! Wow, its been a while since I have heard that word, thanks for the mental flashback…

    Right up there with Tubgirl, and Penis Bird!


  9. Whoop says:

    The agency begins with an M. 11 letters. Based in Subi.


  10. Pfortner says:

    Still trawling the archives; up to page 56. From memory there’s a somewhat worst Westnet/goatse billboard on display, visible from Mitchell Fwy thru Glendalough.

    It’s definitely a goatse, it’s even got the thumbs in (as is the case with hello.jpg). Apparently it was supposed to be ‘we give you the world’ or somesuch. The world wide rectum.


  11. Mez says:

    cutnpaste from the Westnet website:

    Man ‘sprays fox urine at protesters’
    Thursday, 21 January 2010
    Page 1
    A US man has been charged with assault after allegedly spraying protestors with fox urine.

    The 36-year-old man, from the eastern state of Maine, was arrested by police after the incident outside a restaurant on Sunday night, the Associated Press reports.

    The group had been protesting what they alleged to be labour violations at the restaurant, The Front Room.

    The man did not work at the restaurant but lived above it, police said.

    Restaurant owner Harding Lee Smith, who is the subject of a lawsuit regarding alleged wage violations, told the Portland Daily Sun newspaper the man may have sprayed the urine as a reaction to the protests.

    Fox urine is sometimes used in the US as a garden repellent to keep animals away. ”

    how do they collect the fox urine??


  12. caris says:

    how do you think i feel? i had to market that shit!


  13. PuffinFresh says:

    My favourite Westnet advert is from a few years back when they were advertised “HiBIS”(Higher Bandwidth Incentive Scheme aka Broadband Connect), which was a government scheme for people in the country to get broadband at a discount rate. The ad showed people holding up a huge sign for Westnet above the CBD bar at Rydges. The voiceover said something along the lines of “We don’t need to advertise because our customers do all our advertising for us”, which I guess was due to their large growth in customer numbers due to word of mouth and very little advertising.

    So… the problem I have with this is that 1, it was a scheme for regional people that was advertised using schemes from the bloody centre of Perth City, and 2, it was an ADVERTISEMENT saying that they don’t need to ADVERTISE!?! WTF Westnet?


  14. Pfortner says:

    What were they thinking? no it’s on Cyber Shop, almost immediately opposite Betty’s. Dare you to draw some fingers on Betty’s Back Door though.


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