Dead Heath gets more faint praise

The city seems to want to give Heath Ledger a determined “meh”. There are the blocks of concrete tribute at Point Percy AKA Heathcote, along with Colin Barnett’s threat to snatch back the naming of the new theatre after him. The latest in faint praising is a spot on the Hilarys Boat Harbour walk of fame, a worst I’m sorry I hadn’t been appraised of before. What other luminaries vie for pride of place with an aluminium sliding door and a stained bit of concrete? Is there a Laurie Potter? A Bob Maumill? A HAns Merks? Thanks Neil. If you noticed, let me know who else starred.

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33 Responses to Dead Heath gets more faint praise

  1. WAtching says:

    Not many comments here…
    Is this a reflection on how inspiring Heath is?
    Or do you people think it is too soon?

    It’s never too soon on TWOP.


  2. flynn says:

    heath has been there long time. Same place you’ll find Gina, for ‘iron ore’.


  3. skink says:

    off topic:

    an interesting post from ‘Speak your Branes’ about the alleged existence of the G-spot.

    it could have been a cut-and-paste job:


  4. shazza says:

    I love the response by Peter Baker’s Neighbours.


  5. orbea says:

    Heath Ledger’s greatest role, a paving brick, his characterisation as a catatonic cuckold is superb. This leaves me mentally erect – five stars.


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  7. WAtching says:

    This is an approprite forum to discuss the passing of one of Perths favorite worsts.

    Isn’t it amazing that they felt the need to black this out- and then only succeeded in partially obscuring it. On second thoughts… whoever did this was in a hurry. A late night raid from the Fremantle Lesbian Weavers Union?


  8. Mez says:

    There are no lesbians in Fremantle…


  9. Anonymous says:

    umm that has been there for years…
    long before he died


  10. shazza says:

    Apparently it was a fitting tribute while Heath was alive.


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