Mike Hunt

I wanted to put up Shazza’s other offering today, but I couldn’t take the community backlash. Let’s take one step back all the way to a different state. Queensland. They don’t have bumpkins there do they? Nice one from Monkeypants. Not much need for explanation. It should appeal to Country and city juvenile humour.mike

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Commended Haiku writer. A lover of The West's Worst. Perth stand-up comedian, photographer and writer.
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176 Responses to Mike Hunt

  1. Snuff says:

    That’s more like it, TLA. Pity he had to include the W.


  2. Caribou Bob says:

    I like to think this wher they retired Herbie to stud.


  3. monkeypants says:

    nope, no bumpkins here. Anyone for a pumpkin scone?


    • shazza says:

      Please explain.


      • monkeypants says:

        Do you remember Jo and Flo Bjelke Peterson – they still live on in the hearts and spirit and attitudes of many queenslanders shazza. At the risk of starting another us and them, they were yokels to the core. Came from peanut farm country (Kingaroy) and was the National Party Premier.

        Jo, famous for his saying ‘Now don’t you worry about that!’ opposed the establishment of an Independent Commission Against Corruption in Queensland, because, obviously, he was corrupt.

        Flo, his Mrs was renown for her pumpkin scone recipe.
        She used to feature in Womans Day quite a lot i recall from my childhood.

        Queensland is absolutely identical to WA in it’s redneckness, but the point of difference is that Brisneyland now has so many southerners living here, it has been forced to grow up into a real city. By default and often screaming all the way. It hasn’t happened over night but it has happened.

        And they have one spot that is a feral free zone. Noosa. Can’t think of any back home, but let me know if that has changed. Maybe the Venetian Canals of Mandurah?

        So yes, tongue out of cheek there are most definitely bumpkins, but they live on the land and in the outer suburbs. It’s a strange place but has a certain appeal noone can put their finger on.

        Hope that makes sense.


  4. Bento says:

    Great. Now poor Mike’s business is going to get tagged. I hope you’re happy, monkeypants.


  5. David Cohen says:

    Mr Hunt deploys the apostrophe on his signage, but it’s a different story on his website.

    Is his name Mike Hunt, or Mike Hunts?

    ‘With up to 170 cars in stock we are sure you can find the car you want in either of our two yards, we have sports & performance, family sedans & wagons, 4×4’s & commercials.’

    I’m enjoying the vibrant yellow of the Mike Hunt world.


  6. JaneZ says:

    I am a country member.


  7. shazza says:

    I note an article in the Onion claiming civilisation will reach it’s Nadir this Friday.

    Quote “It’s scientifically impossible for civilisation to sink any lower than it will this Friday”.

    I trust TWOP will be going some way towards supporting this event TLA?


  8. Big Ramifications says:

    There’s York Hunt Club somewhere in Canada, I think. It’s a fox hunting club.

    Probably a good time to share this:




  9. orbea says:

    Does Michael wear a holesome ‘kini that matches his shoes?


  10. Bill O'Slatter says:

    It’s the Microsoft strategy : call your product its generic name. However this character should not be confused with the famous Michael Hunt of lovers and loppers notoriety.


  11. monkeypants says:

    if i’ve said it once, i’ve said it a thousand times, ” you gotta love the cunt”.

    And in celebration of said cunt and still my personal favourite poster ever:


  12. Mrs Hunt says:

    This is my husbands car yard….. So tell me what, “nerd or Geek” goes around our suburbs looking for unusual and strange “things” and thinks it’s so cool and funny, at someone’s else’s expense. You are a sad bunch of lonely twats!!!!!

    PS yes my husbands name is funny but he earns a F##K load more money than you will ever see in your life time!!! Not you Greg. CHEERS


  13. poor lisa says:



  14. shazza says:

    mp, if I may be so bold as to inquire, are you a resident of QLD?


  15. shazza says:

    Well haven’t I just outed myself as one giant ignoramus tit today. Bound to happen eventually.

    I had no idea there was a function that allowed us to access blogs via pseudonyms. I shall not hold anything against you, ever, as a parent in common.


  16. shazza says:

    mp I like your blog/s. Just the sort of peurile shenanigans I appreciate.

    On another note I took a brief journey into ljuke territory. I’m still thinking about it. Your’e a funny bugger.


  17. Caribou Bob says:

    Good news!

    The Premier just saw that the Premier has announced she’s passed legislation to rename Mike Hunt(‘)s Wholesale Cars to the Joh & Flow Memorial Whole Sale Yard. It’s what the old cunt’ry patry leader would have wanted.

    Not to be outdone i’m petitioning Colin to rename Connections as MacMahon’s Manor.


  18. Caribou Bob says:

    (Oh hello, what just happened there?)

    Good news!

    Just saw that the Premier has announced she’s passed legislation to rename Mike Hunt(’)s Wholesale Cars to the Joh & Flow Memorial Whole Sale Yard. It’s what the old cunt’ry patry leader would have wanted.

    Not to be outdone i’m petitioning Colin to rename Connections as MacMahon’s Manor.


  19. Big Ramifications says:

    Mike Hunt: http://www.urbancinefile.com.au/images/BigSteal2.jpg

    But we already KNOW this.


  20. skink says:

    I was curious what sort of ‘rugby league skills’ he might be threatening me with

    hopefully not the skills used when they stand in a circle watching each other wank while taking turns to rape a barmaid


  21. StrathGordon says:

    Ahhh, this used to be a regular sight when taking interstate friends through Brisbane (when I was living there). Don’t ask me why any right thinking individual would willingly go to Archerfield…


  22. The web site is:


    “Really, mine scars too, Mrs Slocombe”


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