Weekend Worstoff 63

I have got a lot of numberplates, but this one is the best i’ve seen for a while. In the carpark of The Brisbane Hotel.
week63mobwogAnd Cookster saw these “Perky Nanas”, as in Red Bull for nanas. Perhaps “Perky bananas” was a little outre. Perky NanaA Guildford letterbox from Outrage Cohen. I think saying no junk mail is a little hoighty toighty for this box. Looks like it would only be good for junk mail.

week63letterboxAnd Thomo took this pic of a shoeless child tux model in Mirrabooka. Shoeless I can accept, but when was the last time a tux was worn in Mirrabooka by an adult, let alone a child. Pants are considered an affectation down that way. Looking closer, I see he is missing a foot. Now THAT’s Mirrabooka. Thanks Thom.


Worst well this weekend.

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Commended Haiku writer. A lover of The West's Worst. Perth stand-up comedian, photographer and writer.
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11 Responses to Weekend Worstoff 63

  1. Why would you envy a wog driving an old mitsubishi?


  2. David Cohen says:

    $70 seems a bargain for Michael Jackson’s long-lost Mirrabooka child.


  3. xald says:

    The expression on the child’s face and the fact that he appears to be attempting to take the jacket off is seriously off-putting.


  4. curious says:

    does this child not have a relative in a clothing store somewhere in northbridge? i’m sure it’s featured here before.


  5. curious says:

    perhaps that was it.

    i can see why i didn’t remember the detail.


  6. Cookster says:

    I think you will find curious that this lad may well be a cousin of the eastern European children modelling bridal wear in a window on Beaufort St – captured some time ago by me after a boozy bowls night.

    TLA, you have link, yes?


  7. Not sure what your protocol is. Whether I’m supposed to email only. But here’s the Domination Graffiti I mentioned previously.

    Cnr Oxford and Bourke, Leederville.

    It’s been absolutely covered since. Much more graffiti since I first saw the “original” work.


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