At The Toba, Tobacabana

I had taken a shot myself of the mangled bicycle rickshaw outside the Toba restaurant, but since Bento also took the trouble, I’ll use his. How did it get like this? I assume patrons from the Queens or Brisbane. I have had a few good meals at The Toba. Where else can you get balachan curry in this town? (Dried prawn chillies and anchovy). Last time, however I waited well over an hour for it. I should have gone out and kicked the rickshaw.

Bumpy ride

Bumpy ride

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40 Responses to At The Toba, Tobacabana

  1. ozatheist says:

    I hope the restaurant hasn’t suffered years of neglect like the rickshaw obviously has.


  2. Grrr says:

    Strange, I’ve never had bad service at Toba.
    The rickshaw it very kitsch though. I’ve often wondered if it was used for promotion in the restaurant’s heydey.

    A pity this photo didn’t also capture the adjacent ‘Strippers World’ store.


  3. There’s a strippers world next door? I though there was a car parts place.


  4. Bento says:

    Not quite next door. A few doors further up.


  5. Slightly over a 100 metres to the Northwest along Bulwer here


  6. Snuff says:

    How did it get like this, TLA ?

    His name was Rico, he wore a diamond
    He was escorted to his chair, he saw Lola dancin’ there
    And when she finished, he called her over
    But Rico went a bit too far, Tony sailed across the bar
    And then the punches flew and chairs were smashed in two

    Then again, it may have simply spent some time on the streets of Hanoi, mixing it with the pedestrians, bicycles, skooters, cars and buses.

    Lanes, traffic lights … who needs ’em ?


  7. Snuff says:

    Oops. *scooters*


  8. Bento says:

    Apropos of nothing – I happened to attend a Barry Manilow show in Vegas earlier this year. The audience were given glow sticks on entry, which we were encouraged to wave during Copacabana. It was like Madchester 1988 all over again.


  9. Vic Demised says:

    If you think the rickshaw looks bad, you should have seen the state of the poor little yella-fella who was pulling it at the time of the accident with the cement truck.


  10. poor lisa says:

    We all see the same things. I have been meaning to photograph Strippers World for ages. It’s right next door to a porsche dealership.


  11. How could I miss that? Never noticed it. I did go back to get a shot of Pole Dancing World on Canning highway, but I couldn’t find it again.


  12. Groucho says:

    That Indonesian Becak is shaw rickity…..

    There is a hidden Burmese curry take away place in the IGA on Royal Street East Perth that sometimes does a mean balachan….all his curries are GOOD !!!


  13. David Cohen says:

    Bento “happened to attend a Barry Manilow show in Vegas earlier this year”. Riiiight. That doesn’t happen. The truth is he had it in his diary for months and couldn’t sleep the night before the gig.

    Terrible cargo,
    Praise be to rickshaw wallas:
    Would they work in Perth?


  14. skink says:

    speaking of things that we all must see

    have you seen the new photograph that Stephen Smith has put in the window of his electoral office on Beaufort Street (the fashionable end)?

    I must get a photo – it is truly scary – one of of those smiles that Smith has been practicing in the mirror with the help of electrodes.

    I am going to have to drive past it every day. there is a real danger that drivers will see it, scream and cover their eyes, causing them to lose control and crash through the window


  15. Bento says:

    @13 DC – guilty as charged, your Honour. Tickets were booked online several months in advance.

    I may have cried when he told a story about his grandfather dying, or it may just have been dusty in the showroom.


  16. skink says:

    my missus interviewed Bazz

    she has a cherished picture of her sitting next to him on his piano stool

    his face is orange and has is made from the same stuff as a basketball


  17. I always have the camera turned on as I pass The Haircut’s new office, in case I see him popping down to Devine’s for a case of Black Sambuca.


  18. David Cohen says:

    What happens in Vegas stays in Vegas, Bento.

    Where did you stay? I always get a Strip-side suite at the Bellagio.


  19. How heavy does the rickshaw look? I can’t see it making up the hill to the Flying Scotsman.


  20. VP says:

    And on electorate offices, is Lisa Baker going to take over Judy’s office over the road? That would have to be up there for worst electorate office. It looks like a de-registered doctor practices out of it.


  21. Groucho says:

    It’s a Becak probably imported from Joga in exchange for a mint condition FC Holden…..and they are #@cking heavy. I rode one once and they are very very difficult to manoeuver specifically when you have had a few, uphill or downhill.


  22. #21 I assume there’s a tunnel under the road between offices VP. Might need to be blown up.


  23. Bento says:

    @19 DC – my spidey-senses tell me I’m getting a ribbing for my rampant snobbery. Or is the Post and union paying better than I realised? Do you also live at the Raffles?


  24. David Cohen says:

    Not at all! We stayed at the Bellagio in 2002 when we were in Vegas and loved it. Back then it was good value: about $US180 a night, IIRC. I think it hadn’t been open long.

    I think to live at the Raffles you also have to part-own a pub or something?


  25. You have to be a union leader to live in the Raffles tower, so you Should be living there.


  26. Bento says:

    Well okay then.

    We stayed at the NYNY, which was nice enough. I’d probably stay at the Bellagio next time, though.

    The Excalibur was a whole Worst on its own. They had a bar there called Dirty Dick’s. The slogan: They’ve got Hooters, we’ve got Dick’s’. Brilliant.


  27. For those of you bogans (Perth’s new slogan “City of Bogans” ) whose trip to Vegas will only ever be virtual here it is .The Bellagio is at B , the NYNY at F and the Excalibur at C.


  28. Grrr says:

    All this talk of Veags made me realise (and I quick search to be sure) how has tWOP made it so far without featuring Burwsood Casino? The place is a festering sore, and the people who frequent it ’round midnight really are The Worst of Perth (well, they may have to duke it out with the people at Liquids in Rockingham, but generally speaking there is no greater hive of scum and villany).

    Maybe it’s filed away under ‘Best Rape Spot’ or ‘Best Bagsnatch Spot’?

    I’d make the effort to take a photo, but I value my life too much.


  29. Bento says:

    I love that a photo of a busted up rickshaw led to a comparison of the relative merits of Vegas hotels. Well done, team.


  30. well a couple of days ago we had arseless wonder, which is in the casino.


  31. Grrr says:

    Oh, I saw Mr Hannen and his surprisingly twisted body, but it doesn’t capture the full horror of the casino.

    In 1993/4, I had the misfortune of heading to the casino for an 18th. I will never forget the horror of a room full of people (in what I assume is now the Ruby Room) dancing to that ‘Stroke It’ song.

    I still give idle thoughts to nuking it from orbit.
    It’s the only way to be sure.


  32. observant observer says:

    That rickshaw is actually a sneak preview of the WA Liberal’s plan for public transport over the next few years.


  33. David Cohen says:

    the best description ever of the casino was made by LA long ago in the suggestions page: something like “full of Asians dressed in polyester looking for somewhere to smoke”.


  34. Scurrilous says:

    Meanwhile back in Vegas…

    I like to stay in Circus Circus for the full Hunter S. Thompson experience.

    The lizards are still there.


  35. skink says:

    I have only been to Burswood twice in the last decade.

    on both occasions I was refused entry to the casino on account of being drunk.

    on both occasions I was sober.

    according to the staff there I have “one of those faces”

    I am still not sure quite what that means, but I don’t think I like it.


  36. Paracleet says:

    Its not easy to be refused entry at the cas these days. Kudos..


  37. ohiit says:

    WoW!! Omg never seen a bicycle rickstaw like that in Perth. Was wondering where is it shot at. I would very much like to know. Do kindly email me if you know where did you picture the shot at. Singapore do have one but a very stable rickstaw that is for tourist.


  38. They’ve tried to straighten it up a bit, I assume after reading this.


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