Sad Slots

Because we mentioned posties the other day, and we also haven’t had any letterboxes up for a while, here are three offerings. For this first one, I hope the postie is a basketball player, or at least not a short arse. Perhaps trying to discourage junk mail?

And this one may require a postie familiar with the German army’s tactics in breaching the Maginot line.

And for this one it is less the letterbox and more the sign on it. Can a pencil pine really be a protected tree? A tree already defined as worst tree in a previous post? Would anyone really prune one?

About The Lazy Aussie

Commended Haiku writer. A lover of The West's Worst. Perth stand-up comedian, photographer and writer.
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11 Responses to Sad Slots

  1. David Cohen says:

    Which gracious suburbs do these enhance, LA?


  2. B.T. says:

    You may recall one of the lessons of the Maginot line was that the Germans didn’t so much as breach it but breached Belgium instead and then penetrated France from the rear. Looks like the postie could do the same thing with that letter box…. scoot up from behind and drop his load.


  3. There’s the remains of a druid temple in the background too. DFOC. I didn’t put the locations, as they are all close to the wolf’s lair. i wanted to give the impression they could have been widely distributed. Embleton, Morley, Bayswater.


  4. The Intellectual Bogan says:

    I do like the pillbox.

    In fact, I like it so much, I may have to build one myself when I need to replace my existing purple MDF and zincalume creation.


  5. ultra says:

    WTF… trust the City of Bayswater to protect a damn pencil pine. They are surely the most useless local council in Perth. The only good thing they have going in their green waste bins.


  6. Tony T says:

    That’s not a druid’s temple, it’s the Maginot letterbox’s matching barbecue.


  7. Tony T says:

    … or matching spa. Behind the house are the matching wader pool, matching fish pond and matching shed, where the lawn-mower and whipper-snipper are obviously rusting.


  8. David Cohen says:

    There’s a lovely letterbox on the front of the Reader’s Mart. It may have gone by now. But the brand new limestone Ned Kelly is/was only $250. It’s listed in Antiques. The bloke is selling because he has too much Ned paraphernalia.


  9. Dennis says:

    city of bayswater are the most useless council ive come across you should see the state of allan hill park you cant even walk in the park because of debri most likely to get injured and they dont even have a mowing machine to collect debri PATHETIC


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