The Veil of The Temple

Rottobloggo’s David Cohen shops as Jesus carks, and the experience is as dismal as it deserved to be. A photo essay. You really should do Darfur or Tibet David. You remember the photograher who photograhed the starving child and the vultures? Reminds me of that.

DC says…

The Christian celebration of the Resurrection of Christ: Coles Midland version. They’d piled them high and they were selling them cheap. Intrepid TWOP contributor David Cohen was borne along the surging supermarket crowd on Easter Friday eve, past the specials bins of corn chips and Jarrah drink sachets and poo tickets. His eye was caught by the most pathetic display in the store…Heritage Fine Chocolate Bunny Foiled was only $2.58 a rabbit, but it was all too sad.
The shelves had been pillaged: all that remained were two whole HFCBs. Another had been brutally disemboweled in the frenzy. As Cohen photographed the grim scene for TWOP, two punters elbowed him aside and began picking at
the brown remains. As he staggered away in horror, Cohen saw another hapless display. This one was so half-arsed the store staff (aged 12.75) had washed their hands of it. A very Bad Thursday…Friday could only be better.
easter bunny
easter bunny
easter bunny

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Comedian, artist, photographer and critic. From 2007 to 2017 ran the culture and satire site The Worst of Perth
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24 Responses to The Veil of The Temple

  1. Rolly says:

    It’s a pathetic bloody swindle all round.
    A pagan European Spring festival ripped off by a crazy semetic death cult and transported to the nether regions of the world where it remains terminally attached to an inappropriate calender and is exploited for all it’s worth by the twisted behaviors of the political/commercial/religious manipulators of human stupidity.
    There, I’ve said my piece and there’s not a skerrick of good humour in it anywhere.
    Stuff Easter.


  2. And bloody King of Kings will surely be on the box tomorrow. “The Longest Day” of religious films.


  3. Frank Calabrese says:

    [And bloody King of Kings will surely be on the box tomorrow. “The Longest Day” of religious films.]


    It’s been superseded by Mel Gibson’s Passion Of The Christ tomorrow night on Channel Stokes from 8.30pm.


  4. Is that the one where Jesus says “I’m drivin’!”, and Judas says “No, I’m drivin!”?


  5. Frank Calabrese says:

    I’m waiting for a story in Saturday’s West, or Monday’s Inside Cover about this thread :-)


  6. Frank Calabrese says:

    [It’s been superseded by Mel Gibson’s Passion Of The Christ tomorrow night on Channel Stokes from 8.30pm.]

    Actually it starts at 10.30pm after Legally Blonde 2.:-)


  7. scarletnettie says:

    I finished work yesterday and thought I’ll just pop into Coles (I work in Midland). Got there and saw that the 12 items or less lane had about forty people in it, it snaked around to the chickens! I then thought ‘Feck this, I’m going to Basso.’

    Alas, Bassendean Coles was just as busy.


    Is four days off work really worth it?


  8. scarletnettie says:

    I tried changing my gravatar pic as well, thinking that maybe it was the picture itself. It works fine in the checking phase but still isn’t working here. I’m just going to give up I think. I know it will be tough but you guys will just have to survive without a pictorial representation of me ;-)


  9. Anonymous Perthon says:

    David, thanks for risking your life and going into the foiled bunny zone.
    Now, those bunnys have been there since about December 27th, did people just realize Easter was a coming?
    Rolly, I’m sorry to hear about your displeasure, just think of the chocolate, focus on the chocolate and it will all be alright


  10. I’m really annoyed with these damn gravatars. They still claim to be working on it.


  11. Rolly thanks for investigating the demonic aspects of Easter : I feel so much better now. Easter as a demonic sossie session in disguise : sausages are translated into Chocolate. It’s new name should be the Demonic translation of sausage into Chocolate .
    Further items of business : the slogan ” save everyday ” points this out as a branch of Moles ( av age 12 3/4 ) as SN explicitly states. Is the fish section ( wafting gently through the shop) of sufficient quality for Tex to shop there ? It is also a mark of the low SES outlet that goods tend to be pre-sampled. Also don’t bring bags / backpacks etc, into aforementioned low SES outlets as you are likely to be interrogated as to their contents.


  12. Scurrilous says:

    Is it just me or do others think that fruitless hot cross buns are symbolic of decadant capitalist society where any crazy whim of the spoilt consumer is immediately gratified as long as it can be cheaply mass produced?

    I remember when hot cross buns had delicious lines of cinnamon that had been hand rolled into the dough and dried lemon and orange peel, before a couple of sultanas became accepted as ‘fruit’.


  13. Anonymous Perthon says:

    Scurrilous, so the whole of capitalist society has now been boiled down to one fruitless bun – its a sad world. Whats your opinion on the chocolate ones?


  14. Rolly says:

    AP, For what it’s worth *my* opinion on the chocolate “buns” is the same as for most of the eggs – hollow sweetness ;)


  15. Frank Calabrese says:

    hmm, listening to Brad Hardie atm, who’s suggesting that they should be playing AFL Football on Good Friday, and pointing out that there are 2 NRL games on Today.

    He actually has a point, I wonder if there is sport played in overseas countries on Good Friday ?


  16. Let’s get the piss shops open first, then concentrate on the football.


  17. Frank Calabrese says:

    [Let’s get the piss shops open first, then concentrate on the football.]

    Quite Hypocritical when Communion Wine is drunk during Good Friday Masses – which btw is non-alcoholic.


  18. Communion wine non alcoholic? Since when? Must be recent phenomenon.


  19. Scurrilous says:

    Anony, I will let the chocolate buns pass as it has long been a naughty French tradition to add chocolate to bread.

    Adding chocolate to anything must make it better right?


  20. Frank Calabrese says:

    My mistake, I thought they made a non-alcoholic version.


  21. Jeez, give those priest something to get them through mass.


  22. Rolly says:

    Through mass what?


  23. Frank Calabrese says:

    Combining Easter Eggs and 6PR I present this gem from 1968

    [6PR staff member presenting patients of the Mt. Henry Hospital, Como with Easter eggs.]


  24. mazarina says:

    chocolate hot cross buns are ALL WRONG! they’re an unholy union of ingredients ferried into the supermarket shelves by lucifer himself.


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