29 Responses to Swan Hole

  1. Paracleet says:

    Seems entirely apt to me.


  2. Holmesenkerk says:

    Equally as bad as the Westnet logo, which looks like goatse. I used to work there, and when it first came out, we got quite a few emails about that.


  3. flynn says:

    Something to do with the West, I know lets put a black swan in the logo. No-one’s done that before.
    Makes being a designer easy, just an entire portfolio of stylized swans in strange positions. If nothing else it tells the rest of Aus how unimaginative we are.


  4. This would make a nice TWOP logo.


  5. Russell says:

    Is that the Governor’s personal swan? Seems a bit odd that the Governor’s swan swims in that direction, while Parliament’s swan is going the other way …..

    One way in which Perth city could be made more interesting would be to move WAAPA into the city – imagine replacing that brown brick ugliness that is the Law Courts building with a home for WAAPA, WA Ballet and WASO which had (double glazed)windows at street level into some of the practice rooms. Imagine the students busking in the mall for practice…


  6. Golden1 says:

    I must say that during the time I was at WAAPA I never once noticed this logo (which I must have walked past every day) mainly because there was SO much wrong with the place it was difficult to single out one particular thing.
    Now with the benefit of time, distance and therapy I can look at this logo of swan’s arses as the perfect emblem of my time spent in this institution.
    To be fair however, I believe that the place has undergone significant change since I was there in venues, teaching methods and management so maybe it’s time they had a new logo – I’m sure someone at TWOP could come up with something nice


  7. Mazarina says:

    keep the barking swan logo LA.


  8. empirejess says:

    waapa has a new logo. it makes as little sense as this one does. it’s pasted all over the doors so that when you enter or leave, its there. I’ll try to send a picture. Golden1- its still as bad as you remember.


  9. P says:

    Those birds think the sun shines out of their arse!


  10. Birkette says:

    I think I’ve seen that sign on the Bradford Street side of Building 2. The dark side of ECU. They must’ve overlooked that one in the reno.


  11. If you look to the right instead, on the other side of the road you’ll see the mud men.


  12. Robotnik says:

    Yes. Clearly, “Arts” is a typo.


  13. Robotnik says:

    The swans are two prima-donnas no longer talking to each other. Supremely appropriate logo. The designer had insight and foresight.


  14. Outward bound is the least of their problems I think.


  15. The Realist says:

    i think someone needs to get their mind out of the gutter when interpreting logos.

    although not a great logo i must say.


  16. Logo designers must remember that minds are always in the gutter and must not be given the excuse to stay there.


  17. RB says:

    Does it really matter what the logo looks like? I mean seriously! I’m in one of the orchestras in Waapa and that sign doesnt even bother me at all! I barely even notice it! No one really cares.


  18. Does it really matter what the oboe sounds like? I mean seriously? Well, what is a logo for but to be the symbol or brand of the organisation. If it is bad, it reflects on the whole place. To designers design matters. It’s there for a purpose, and it fails its purpose. Why doesn’t coke have a blank can with coke written on it? Because it does make a difference. Wouldn’t it make a difference if the WASO orchestra were to dress in tattered underwear for a major performance?


  19. RB says:

    I guess I see why some people would think it’s totally weird and screwed up but the Swan is a unique symbol of WA and I think it’s very appropriate to have it on the logo.


  20. flynn says:

    Hate to shatter illusions RB, but black swans are found on the east coast too. It is an over-used symbol. ( or cymbal in this case?)


  21. For me it’s nothing to do with having a swan or not. It’s an awkward design, the elements don’t work very well together and are very forced. But don’t worry, there are many worse uses of the swan.

    and many more logos where the points are more absurdly forced.


  22. RB says:

    Well flynn do any of the eastern states have balck swans on them? no! thats exactly my point. It’s uniquely Western Australian.


  23. RB says:

    well wateva u win! I still think the symbo; is absolutely fine but this is really ridiculous. Arguing over something as stupid as a sign. lol


  24. RB says:

    oops sorry i meant symbol not symbo;. typing too fast


  25. B.Texan says:

    Worst Swan could be a TWOP category all on its own.


  26. Rolly says:

    Yer not wrong B.T


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