It’s hard to know whether to admire this place for its boldness, or condemn it for its ugliness. I’m going for condemn I think, despite the alien on the roof. (The chances of anything coming from Applecross are a million to one…But still they come.) Three people have nominated this place recently, 2 in the last week, but Holmesenkerk got in first, and he actually went to the trouble of getting a picture for me. Holmesenkerk says…

This place has been underconstruction since at least 2003, even before. I figure its because no builder would want their name associated with such a joke. I’m all for pushing boundaries, but this is just a freak of construction. Even though it’s not finished, maybe they’re going to pull some magic trick out of their bag that pulls it altogether and produces something really cool. It can be found on the corner of Forbes and Tweeddale Rd in Applecross.

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44 Responses to Galaxian

  1. Mez says:

    That would a very cool place to have a wedding reception
    in 1982


  2. The Intellectual Bogan says:

    Certainly very different (which is daring and praiseworthy in Perth after all), but too much of it is simply different for the sake of it for it to grab me.

    That’s the trouble with Perth. We’ve had so little practice at being off the wall, when somebody does try it, it turns out awful.

    Good intentions but a failure in execution I reckon.

    And I was thinking Space Invaders meets Ettamogah pub myself.


  3. Anonymous Perthon says:

    Parts of this house are very good, but The Intellectual Bogan is right, its been pushed too far into the realm of ridiculous. Then again if you are building a Galaxian Mansion should you worry about restraint? Also it needs to be silver, not peach.


  4. tomthrett says:

    whoa. whoaaaaaaaaa. imagine i said that like keanu reeves. this is so weird. i dont know what to think. im leaning towards dislike though. i wonder who did it!?


  5. Mazarina says:

    The beige says ‘I’m a respected pillar of society’, but the angles say ‘Yet I drink on the quiet and like being spanked by a brusque dominatrix’. This thing is going to give me nightmares.


  6. Yes it does seem a shame to criticise something different, since the boringness of Perth’s housing is often mentioned but jeez…


  7. Golden1 says:

    A giant view-master!


  8. Martin says:

    I don’t think an actual architect is involved here. I think a rich brickie backed his ute into a pallet of Midland Bricks and found inspiration in the resulting pile of angles. He scribbled what he saw on the back of a servo reciept (for $60 of fuel and a mrs macs pie) and went about building.


  9. Bedfords Crackpot Fraternity! says:

    Rolls around the floor laughing for about ten minutes…..!!


  10. rachel says:

    Who reckons the architect was on crack while drawing up this one? Not sure whether it is the ‘face’ above the garage or the spaceship gates that freak me out more. how on earth will the owners decorate this place? there doesn’t seem to be any walls long enough to put any furniture against. overall this place makes me want to vomit, which personally i wouldnt see as a good sign.


  11. GWS says:

    “maybe they’re going to pull some magic trick out of their bag that pulls it altogether and produces something really cool.”

    The magic trick being a large bomb.


  12. Ollie Lindsell says:

    Fred Flintstone would LOVE IT!


  13. flynn says:

    And who said money cant buy you style –
    Does the face get teeth if you line up the gate with the garage?


  14. Black granite rather than brick might have worked.


  15. caide says:

    I like it. No really, I do.


  16. P says:

    I vomited on the floor once and the delicate arrangement of peas and carrots looked significantly better than that house…

    Very Pick-up-Sticks Chic.

    Typical neuvo riche…


  17. Blandwagon says:

    Maybe it was designed by a very emminent architect, who unfortunately had a stroke while he was drawing it and then nobody dared to challenge him?

    It would certainly explain the overabundance of jagged, help-I’m-having-one-of-my-episodes lines.


  18. rachel says:

    it looks like chunks have accidently fallen out of the front wall. especially in between the 2 gates…


  19. Rolly says:

    I reckon that, in error, somebody picked up the drawings for the birthday party gingerbread house which were really destined for the cake shop.


  20. David Cohen says:

    Lordy. Clearly the architect at the City of Melville is a Battlestar Galactica aficianado.
    Try getting that past the City of Swan – you’d be impaled on a white picket fence (Malvern style).


  21. But what would you prefer, this, or the town of Cambridge place featured in Bad House Bad Brothel?

    I prefer this. You could argue that the money could have been better spent though.

    BTW I hope people didn’t miss the excellent comment from City West massage owner on that post.


  22. Spruiker on board HMAS Perth Tram : ” And now lazies and lentilbodies we come to a fine example of Applecross’s archiTrashorTreasure. The garage was designed by French artist Morceau Morso in honor of his little dog “le chien” in the Cube-roid style that some have labeled Galaxian. One can see the resemblance. Why would you want to park your car in the dog’s mouth ? Ah , the French.The rest of the house was a spontaneous expression of the artist at the injustices of the world. It says class with a capital A for Applecross.
    Alan “just think of the cranes” Carps was later to extend this style from Cube-agons to Hem-agons with the Perth Waterfront”


  23. Rage says:

    It looks like a fortress of doom for a family of five.


  24. empirejess says:

    i think the architect has no spine to stand up to the owners of this monstrosity. I’ve only ever seen it without the render/paint but now, after seeing this, it would have been better off staying the grey of monolithic-ness.


  25. david says:

    i’ve never enjoyed this place during the dozen odd years it’s been under construction, but you know what, screw it – there is some freakin effort been put into that job and it deserves congratulations!

    someone has toiled over that gate and someone has spent the time on the crazy balustrade and someone thought it would be awesome to have a scary donnie darko rabbit face over the garage – and then did it!

    you try and convince a client to do something extra-ordinary with their pedestrian-gate and all you end up with is a pedestrian gate. someone has followed their crazy, angular dream here. props to my appelcross homies.


  26. Rolly says:

    I have no argument with folk who want to perpetuate their nightmares in built structures but really they should not be visible from the street.
    In fact they should not be visible from anywhere outside the properties on which they are constructed.
    My condolences to the neighbours.


  27. Yes David it does deserve praise for at least trying to be different and interesting. I would still like to see if a total black granite version would work.


  28. SkyLantern says:

    Wow, a postmodern pavlova palace.

    I’d like to know what kind of car is parked in the garage. A Mr Whippee van would not be incongruous.


  29. david says:

    drove past yesterday. to be fair, it’s not actually peach; it’s more of a sandstone yellow. looks both brilliant and uncomfortable amongst its zorzi neighbours.


  30. Robotnik says:

    It’s a clear indication of the aging demographic of TWOP that noone has made a reference to the Decepticons. When this ‘house’ is finished it will transform into Megatron or Starscream. A clarion call will go out to all the other ‘houses’ in Applecross and Morley Drive. And then who’ll be laughing?


  31. Rolly says:

    Nowt to do with aging; more to do with the garbage that discerning parents wouldn’t let the kiddies watch.


  32. david says:

    oh great. now you’ve got me scared of robot houses. thanks.


  33. They can read lips too don’t forget.


  34. david says:

    nah LA i think that’s T-Rexs…i remember something like that from jurassic park…


  35. I was thinking of HAL.


  36. CK says:

    Open the fucking pod bay door, LA …


  37. greg hoey says:

    Its little eccentric and different and in perth difference takes a certain amount of guts.
    So many on TWOP make out they’re daring and aspiring for more in terms of design and creative standards. But I detect in some ways just the typical perth insularity that just does’nt like progression.

    Only disguised wearing the skin of the frustrated and oh so sensitive critic.


  38. flynn says:

    Unfortunately too much of Perth’s progression is tempered by the dollar. Original concepts/designs make way to budget cost cutting with the final project devoid of aesthetically pleasing elements or leaving only those bits commercially viable.


  39. That paradox has been noted before Greg.


  40. kidPaper says:

    that house is insanely dope

    way to euro for all u narrowminded perth ppl


  41. janeo :) says:

    i live around the corner from there.
    no really
    i do

    its good times to say the least


  42. Siobhan says:

    It might not be so bad if there was some continuity with the shapes used on that hideous gate they obviously bought on ebay


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