Charade! Charade! Charade!

 Some people have reported problems with this image loading. Have uploaded again.

Another typically surreal offering from Mr XY. This stopped me in my tracks. Why would someone wear a helmet while driving a Diahatsu Charade? And then I thought, “Why wouldn’t you wear one?” Ah, heading to Fremantle – There’s your problem. A lot of helmet wearing down that way, although they’re usually made of aluminium foil. Maybe it’s medical? Maybe it’s fashion? I prefer to think that it is a reaction to the original ad for The Charade (Early 80’s?)

Those who remember can hum the tune.

Charade, Charade, Charade. The car the computer created..!

ie it crashes every day. Yuk yuk.


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Commended Haiku writer. A lover of The West's Worst. Perth stand-up comedian, photographer and writer.
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12 Responses to Charade! Charade! Charade!

  1. Nettie says:

    The only Charades I’ve ever seen it necessary to wear a helmet in are the ones that get rallied. We used to rally a T18 and spent a hell of a lot of time at Karna Crosses and Clubman Cup events and you see quite a few little Charades about the place.


  2. Rage says:

    Ahahaha. Great, now I’ve got to clean coffee out of my keyboard.
    This needs a ‘not worst’. The driver is practising common road sense, considering that car and his destination (so many pedestrians and horrible drivers trapped in one place).


  3. DingoRob says:

    That’s odd. I can see the image in IE but not in Firefox.


  4. It is not loading for some people.


  5. Rick says:

    To be fair, Im pretty sure that that is the Shelley Bridge (Centenary Ave/Leach Highway) intersection, which is still a good 20km from Fremantle. The bloke could be headed anywhere; he hasnt even crossed the Freeway yet.


  6. Mez says:

    yeah but he probably is heading toward Fremantle and it probably is the weekend when all sorts of freaks and geeks from the lesser suburbs descend on us here in Freo to wander aimlessly around town and unexpectedly launch themselves in front of traffic. He won’t make it over the border though because we banned Charades in this fair city long ago… its Valiant country!


  7. shlock holmes says:

    Elementary my dear flotsam!! The mans obviously on his way to the fremantle psychiatric clinic. The helmet keeps his sanity safe until he gets there.


  8. Kelly says:

    People who have had part of their skill removed (usually due to trauma and there being too much pressure in their brain) are required to wear a helmet whenever they are not lying in bed, lest they do further injury to their brain.

    Though having said that, it still looks rather silly.


  9. You’re right Kelly. I should probably be apologising in advance, as I’m possibly making fun of someone with a not funny medical problem. But as long as there’s just a chance that it’s a fashion statement…


  10. shlock holmes says:

    Yes you must apologise lousy arse…er lazy aussie.


  11. Anonymous Perthon says:

    I bet he doesn’t have a brain injury at all, its just a charade


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