National Disgrace

We the people of the electorate of O’Connor say sorry for continually voting in that national disgace Wilson Tuckey… We are sorry that this knob-head we keep voting for, didn’t take the chance to not look like a wanker for once in his life…

Other people are covering this better than me, and I would prefer to have an original photo of this moron, but yes, what a wanker.

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Comedian, artist, photographer and critic. From 2007 to 2017 ran the culture and satire site The Worst of Perth
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38 Responses to National Disgrace

  1. Mick Dyllan says:

    “I’m there to say hallelujah. Tomorrow there’ll be no petrol sniffing, tomorrow little girls can sleep in their beds without any concern – it’s all fixed.”

    Yes he is a wanker but if you look past this his point very pertinent. The word sorry is not going to achieve anything. Actual action is needed.


  2. He’s never made a pertinent point in his life apart from when he said he didn’t like Howard.


  3. The Intellectual Bogan says:

    I thought he was good in Castaway though, especially when he fell off the raft.


  4. Midlandia says:

    Six people boycotted the apology, all of them from the Coalition. Frustratingly, half of them were from Western Australia: Tuckey, Dennis Jensen of Tangney also boycotted. Considering his climate change skepticism, denying something else wasn’t a big leap for him. Don Randall, the Member for Canning boycotted as well.
    If you’re quiet, you’ll be able to hear certain residents of Perth collectively facepalming when this information comes to their attention.


  5. Weejock says:

    Not surprising, given his nickname ‘Ironbar’….
    Have you heard how he got it?


  6. Mez says:

    its amazing how quickly emotions can go from pride to embarrassement. Tuckey and his ilk are there to argue for a short sighted narrow thinking Australia which has thrived in the past decade. Unfortunately a large number of Western Australians agree with (and vote for) him. I have to disagree with #1 Mick, Tuckey’s point is no longer pertinent. Sorry has been said, as it should have been long ago and only now we can move on to take “Actual action”. This would not have happened with a Coalition Government.


  7. Rolly says:

    I know that this blog was intended to be a lighthearted satire on the daft doings of Perth and its people: But……….
    It seems like that the sad, bigoted views brought to this little piece of paradise by early British settlers are alive and well and, indeed, continuing to propagate in a nazi-like fashion amongst all strata of society.
    So [u]very[/u] sad


  8. My Ning says:

    Ah Wilson, what a card. Who remembers the 1998 federal election campaign when he verbally berated some poor woman who had the temerity to write in to The Worst and suggest that the GST would increase the cost of living?

    If I remember that episode rightly, he basically called her a liar and asked her to prove it (wasn’t that the government’s role – afterall, it had the fully staffed treasury?). At the time, Tuckey was one of the GST’s biggest advocates – his unequivocal support and tireless promotion of the tax putting him in Howard’s good books (after the Peacock betrayal) and eventually allowing him to reach the cherised front bench. The fact we had a person of Tuckey’s calibre wielding ministerial responsibilities at the highest level of government for a few years was, I feel, far more cynical than Howard’s refusal to apologise.

    Indeed, Wilson’s first posting was as the minister for forrestry just as the Coalition government was getting ready to fight the greens over some national tree clearing strategy. Obviously Howard, in his usual cunning way, was able to see that his cabinet would need someone thick skinned – someone who didn’t mind being hated – to tackle this job. Motor mouth Wilson, it turns out, was the ideal candidate.

    Of course, thankfully, he eventually became unstuck after writing a letter, using ministerial stationary, to the authorities (in South Australia?) asking that they throw his son’s speeding fines out the window. Having a commonwealth letterhead over such an inappropriate missive was, it seems, a little excessive – even for Honest John.

    And speaking of speeding, if any one out there runs into Tuckey and strikes up a conversation with the man, ask him what happened to his yellow lamborghini circa late 1960s/early 1970s.


  9. lauredhel says:

    “The word sorry is not going to achieve anything. Actual action is needed.”

    Mick, the point is, no one is saying it will, in isolation. This is a straw man argument of the highest order. No surprises there; Tuckey doesn’t seem a particularly intelligent or logical chap.

    Did you miss the bit where “SORRY: THE FIRST STEP” was spelt out in giant letters on the Parliament House lawn?

    There are 54 recommendations in the Bringing Them Home report. A national apology was only one of them.


  10. Lyn says:

    “I would prefer to have an original photo of this moron”

    Why? You’ve relieved squillions of pixels of the burden and indignity.


  11. Bento says:

    Mick @1 – Cultural change tends to be initiated by a symbolic act: A woman sits down on a bus, a man makes a speech, an ‘enemy of the state’ is released from prison.

    No one thinks ‘Sorry’ will fix everything. It’s the first step, and it’s a very important one.


  12. greg hoey says:

    Really think that all the Wilson Tuckey’s of the liberal party, as well the neo-cons and the religious elements within it just need to exercise less control and also cut the heroic-recalcitrant ‘never say sorry’ bull and get more ‘Now’.
    Otherwise their going to get left behind.

    OK its been said its what the aboriginal people wanted [most of them] it suits the rhetoric of the cultured and humane left, so lets now move on.

    I’m basically a materialist I like beautiful objects and money, so ‘Sorry’ I dont really get it at least not without some lucre involved. But I sure as hell am tired of this ugly mentality put over by the Liberals in order to play to a very hard mindset and a somewhat ignorant one also, that is also not a very creative one either.

    Geraldtons problem [which is wilson’s homebase] is that it is dominated by the Wilson Tuckey mindset when it could be brilliant city along our northern coastline competing with the south west to live work and holiday in and has been nothing more than fishermans drink hole for too long. Wrote article exactly on this point in 1995. Not sure things have changed much up there.

    Think the Liberals need a Turnbull and fast.


  13. Someone said to me yesterday about Wilson that it seems incredible that a man can have been a servant of the public for nearly 30 years, and has managed to contribute absolutely nothing. Not a thing.


  14. Rolly says:

    @13 Greg,

    Why would the Liberals want a Turn(coat)bull(artist)?


  15. Frank Calabrese says:

    More pearls of bile from weilson, which I believe were NOT in the dead tree version.


  16. Jo says:

    I grew up in small town in WA being surrounded by white aussies who were victims of bashings, sexual abuse, houses being robbed, pets killed — crimes committed by aborigines, and many of us got screamed by aborigines on most days being called “a white c” … we lived in fear. We never knew if a trip to the shops would result in us getting our heads kicked in, our car stolen or being followed home and being harrassed for being white. We would phone the police and nothing would be done about it due to the fear of repercussions of arresting a “black fella”. Residents still live in fear now in that town and in many others. Where is our compensation for our lives being made hell? How about us getting an apology?

    Sorry day will only lead to more cash handouts via compensation to provide more grog for more aboriginals, more crimes, more abuse – and we’ll be worse off than we are now. Great one, Dudd Rudd!


  17. I’m sure Wilson will give you one.


  18. Mez says:

    wow Jo – you have just reminded me why I chose to get out of small town WA. Believe me, it was not to get away from “black fella” – it was to get away from people like you.

    I am proud of Sorry Day – I am not proud of Wilson Tuckey


  19. I think they may have mistaken me for Howard Sattler.


  20. Frank Calabrese says:

    [I think they may have mistaken me for Howard Sattler.]

    Or Simon Beaumont :-), or Chris Ilsley.


  21. This piece of magical hatred reminds me a lot of serial crackpot Mark (Mike?) Ward who endlessly writes anti woman/feminist letters to The West, seemingly genuine in his belief that men are being oppressed by women. I must feature some of the letters from The Men’s Contrafraternity sometime.


  22. Frank Calabrese says:

    [I must feature some of the letters from The Men’s Contrafraternity sometime.]

    Plus he was a regular speaker at the old Speaker’s Corner in Forrest Place as well.

    Also, Jo sounds like Mario Rapanaro, Jeff Butler and Ernest Della, 3 of the West’s most prolific letter writers.


  23. Frank Calabrese says:

    Forgot to add that Mike Ward also stood for State Parlaiament in either 2001 or 2005, and was featured on either Stateline, the 7.30 Report or Today tonight – and he was as much of a crack pot on screen as he is in print.


  24. Frank Calabrese says:

    And speaking of that August group:


  25. Oh that’s much wore than the Pancake Shop’s Website. Excruciating. I will add this to worst website when i can. The design is very mid 90’s.Sort of want to see the Netscape logo.


  26. Frank Calabrese says:

    [Oh that’s much wore than the Pancake Shop’s Website. Excruciating.]

    Read his “story”, start out as a Funeral Director’s assistant – no wonder he has issues relating to the opposite gender.

    [In the late 1970’s, I obtained a position as a Funeral Director’s Assistant in which part of my duties entailed picking up the dead from Perth’s mortuaries and bringing them back to the funeral parlour.

    In those early days, any of the dead that had committed suicide aroused in me some interest, as it was a relatively rare event. I also became aware of the fact that for every female death from suicide, four males took the same road.

    I later became involved in the funeral arrangements in which I met with the next of kin, mainly the parents of the deceased, who informed me that their son/daughter had killed themselves because of a family breakdown.

    The usual scenario went something like this:

    Their son who had worked hard over many years to provide for his wife and children had been informed that the marriage was over as she {wife} had found someone new. She was bored or needed space. Their son had been evicted from the family home, away from his children and wife whom he still loved.

    In the Family Court proceedings that followed, he lost his home and was only allowed limited access to the children {if any} and was subject to draconian Child Support payments which left him in near poverty.

    With the passing of time, the cries of the distrort parents increased. “He was a good and loving father and a good husband” I would be told and innocent of any wrongdoing. Life for their son was simply to much to bear.]


  27. What about Darryl Binning? I worked for him on Zombie Brigade. Lots of west letters in the “Hang some sense into these young punks” mould.


  28. Frank Calabrese says:

    [What about Darryl Binning? I worked for him on Zombie Brigade. Lots of west letters in the “Hang some sense into these young punks” mould.]

    Forgot about Darryl, and Kevin Moran and his channelling of Rob Johnson :-)

    and there are also several serial talkback callerson 6PR, especially after midnight.


  29. lisa says:

    I love Elsie Donovan, and my favourite is the godfearin Don Jackson of Ballajura.


  30. Frank Calabrese says:

    Wilson Tuckey behind the Bar, circa 1987.


  31. greg hoey says:

    reply to jo@17. “maybe the aboriginals should pay for some of the crimes they’ve committed against us”

    Don’t even mention such a thing jo. Besides the fact the high court is made up of an activist magisterial the mere fact that it is the aboriginals whom perpetrate most of the racial violence etc., would deem it impossible for them to be forced to pay reparations upon all those they may have assaulted and abused.

    The country would go into bankruptcy in less than a week from the expense.

    But essentially a country gets the culture it asks for and what we have seen over time what the average aussie most respects is not artists or the intelligencia or great landmark civil centers or even the environment but lots places you can take a little kid to in order to learn em how to kick someones brains out of their skulls, footy-surfin, SUV’s, suburban oblivion, booze and pubs [stuff all the wilson tuckey’s of this world no doubt approve of] and the second rate over commercialised media we have on our television screens and on our radio’s esp in perth WA.

    Not necessarily in that order.


  32. My Ning says:

    Mike Ward also ran for the federal senate in 2007 – it’s the first time I’ve ever laughed out loud while in a polling booth.

    Back on Tuckey – I seem to recall reading in The Fin Review last Friday that he said he left the chamber to go out to pray when all the sorry stuff was going on.

    Makes one wonder what sort of hideous diety would ever listen to this man’s prayers – maybe it would resemble the papier mache monster that comes out of the cupboard in the 1982 movie Poltergeist.

    Not only will Tuckey’s contribution to society be practically negligible after 30 years in parliament (which is coming up in 2010) but, after devoting the best part of his mature years to public service, he will be more or less universally hated. Surely that says something about the man?

    And as for the people of O’Connor – that collective of regional WA biggots, hicks and rednecks who have been dumb enough to vote for Tuckey repeatedly since the seat was created in 1980 – they deserve the droughts that have been inflicted upon them. Chances are they are being punished by God for their repeated stupidity. Wonder if Wilson ever offered a prayer on their behalf?


  33. From the Benches says:

    Bye, bye, Wilson and don’t let the door hit your fat arse on the way out.


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