In The Heat of The Day

I’ve got a few guest submissions to get through this week. David Cohen of RottoBloggo sweated through the Galleria in 40+ degrees, but in his torment remembered TWOP. Practice phone camera photojournalism in case he’s ever somewhere interesting. Like a movie queue in Darfur Galleria. David says…

Tension. Angst. Suspense. And this is before the movie even started! The queue to buy tickets at Greater Union at the Galleria in Morley seemed to stretch for miles. Hapless punters had escaped their houses – no doubt fearful of Western Power shutting off the air-con – and gone to the flicks in an attempt to stay cool. But it was all in vain. There was one person selling tickets for lots of films. The queue inched forward. The line to buy expensive beverages and popcorn was even longer. A Worst of Perth queue.


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7 Responses to In The Heat of The Day

  1. Nettie says:

    God, that is the worst cinema in the whole of Perth! We went there on boxing day to see The Golden Compass, waited in line for friggin ages only to be told that due to the new process of allocating seats, although there were adequate tickets left, we couldn’t be given four together.
    So we bought tickets for the later session only to find that the air-con unit couldn’t cope with the ridiculous heat we had that day. It was like a sauna inside.
    I would have to say it was the most uncomfortable cinematic experience of my life to date…


  2. My Ning says:

    I don’t know when Greater Union came up with the idea that the staff selling popcorn and drinks should also be selling tickets, but it doesn’t work. I mean doesn’t it piss you off when you want to buy just one or two tickets with cash, but in the process are forced to wait for a line of people who are purchasing not only their tickets, but also their food and refreshments, with their credit cards?

    And on the subject of Greater Union, why are the safety lights in the aisles so many and so bright. Is this cinema monopoly trying to evoke the feeling of watching a movie at a drive-in on a busy road during the daylight saving season?

    Where’s Paul Murray when you need him?


  3. When will Perth (aka “Bottom”) people grow up. You live on the front line of Global Warming so get tough or get out.


  4. And Galleria will be seafront, making the walruses quite appropriate.


  5. And i would have still expected to see a few ugg boot/miniskirt combinations in the crowd at Galleria, even on a hot day.


  6. I’ve suffered in the movie queue there as well and its really frustrating.

    I was also suffering in the horrendous queue at Galleria Liquorland during the day of xmas eve. What a shambles, the design of that shop is so bad it forced the line to snake around inside the shop to the point where not only could you not get through to find something to buy, you couldnt get in the line either aaarrrghhh!!!!!


  7. A crowd waiting for Christmas piss could get murderous.


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