Look, I’m as supportive of Edith Cowan as the next man, but finding out she was called Dircksey, makes me want to question whether she really was the first woman in parliament. Hey Dirksey, could you drop a new donk in the ute mate? A more manly name than Hendy Cowan too.

I used to hate that WA 150 logo, but these days I’m more sanguine. Sanguine like a fox.

edith cowan

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9 Responses to Dircksey?

  1. Mazarina says:

    I was walking past this just yesterday and I had to stop in my tracks to see if I hadn’t misread the name. Yes, perfect candidate for TWOP.


  2. meccano101 says:

    I was just reading about her background, it’s quite a story. Her mother died in childbirth and her Father was hanged for the murder of her step mother. It is not surprising that she felt strongly about women’s issues. I’m slowly warming to Dircksey.


  3. Anonymous Perthon says:

    Apologies in advance for this (imaginary headline),

    “Dircksey Deeds Done Dirt Cheap”


  4. Del Quant says:

    Perhaps ECU students of a like mind could form a campus society – The Dircksey Chicks. Or maybe not.


  5. Dircksey Deeds. That’s very good.


  6. At ECU you graduate in Dircksey. What’s the problem with that ?


  7. Del Quant says:

    None whatsoever. In fact, WA should change its name to Dirckseyland. The SA border could become the Mason-Dircksey line.


  8. Leonard says:

    And if any of you had a middle name that was the surname of a distant relative, would you think it was fair for us to call you on that?

    There’s something wrong with you if your great-uncle’s name is the very common English surname Cock?

    It’s time to get your cultural critique out the the Year 6 playground.

    I have it on good authority that in parts of southern Africa, Mazarina means I am the offspring of my mother and various unspecified goats, donkeys and armadillos.

    Get over your pathetic anglocentrism.


  9. The worst of Perth is not only about the year 6 playground. Sometimes we go up to year 10.


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