Science Fiction

Christ The Scientist? For some reason I always had him down as a Creationist. Couldn’t see in to check if there were beakers and bunsen burners. You’d expect the occasional explosion or pink smoke pouring out the windows though. Interesting Building nonetheless. Tom might have some information. Love the gates. It’s at the top of St Georges Terrace near Barracks Arch.

christ scientist

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16 Responses to Science Fiction

  1. hokusan says:

    Not only not a scientist He wasn’t even a Christian.


  2. flynn says:

    I thought that some church in Jerusalem also claims to be the First. It probably pre-dates this one only by a millenium or so.


  3. tomthrett says:

    um not that much information, apart from it is a really excellent example of west australian Inter-war art deco architecture. very remeniscent of the tivoli in applecross by Eales, Cohen and bennet…interestingly, there was a place done by them almost next door, the eagle star building, now demolished. this is really strong, bold and striking. it was going to be amongst my next entries.. i will agree though the name and whole idea of the church is whacko, and freaks me out.
    the sunday school next to it, is also a ver notable building, almost venturian monumentalism.. but thanks for asking!


  4. AV says:

    Christ The Scientist? For some reason I always had him down as a Creationist.

    Not sure where the Church leans on the creationism debate, but it is famous for peddling its own brand of pseudoscience: the notion that all illness is an “illusion” that can be healed with the power of prayer. Like Steiner education, it is a relic of an era–the late nineteenth century–in which a lot of proto-New Age nonsense flourished: spiritualism, theosophy, phrenology, hydropathy, homeopathy, parapsychology, electrotherapy and mesmerism.

    It does, on the other hand, produce a respected newspaper: The Christian Science Monitor.


  5. Don’t get me started on spiritualism, or those f*cking Steiners. When I hear Steiners, i always think of Peter sellers Nazi in Dr Strangelove.


  6. meccano101 says:

    Given the choice L.A would you have preferred to attend a Steiner school or Mazenod college.


  7. Anonymous Perthon says:

    I’m fairly sure that phrenology was never discredited


  8. AV says:

    I’m fairly sure that phrenology was never discredited

    The notion that the brain is like muscle that hypertrophies or atrophies in certain areas depending on use–those areas corresponding to personality traits–resulting in bumps on the skull? Yep, that’s been long discredited. What has survived is the notion that certain functions, such as language, are localised to certain regions of the brain.

    Further reading:
    Phrenology: History of a Classic Pseudoscience (New England Skeptical Society)
    History of Phrenology and the Psychograph(
    Museum of Quackery)


  9. Anonymous Perthon says:

    AV you’re funny


  10. Mazarina says:

    I love the building, but the name is another matter. This building reminds me of the East Perth Police station which used to be a boys school – the architecture really inspires a sense of foreboding and terror. Just what modern schools lack.


  11. River Ralphie says:

    From memory, this used to be a Masonic hall… In fact, where’s the Masonic Hall section, I’m sure you’d get some great photo’s out of them!


  12. I think this was always a church, River Ralph. You know, a lot of the masonic halls are quite plain, simple and unworthy of TWOP. I think the big central city one is gone now.


  13. Rolly says:

    It’s very reminiscent of the stuff ordered up by Il Duce prior to WW II.
    From my limited experience of the church, their philosophies on dealing with opposing ideologies weren’t totally dissimilar.


  14. Crashinoz says:

    This looks like a rip-off of the Frank Lloyd Wright design for the Oak Park Illinois Unity Temple.


  15. marjx says:

    The “First Church of Christ, Scientist” was started by Mary Baker Eddy in the late 1800s. She claimed to have discovered Christian Science in the Bible and began selling a book “Science and Health”, the general idea of this book being that all injuries and diseases are imagined by their sufferers, who can be relieved of their illnesses through Christian Science.

    “Man controlled by his Maker has no physical suffering. His body is harmonious, his days are multiplying instead of diminshing, he is journeying towards Life instead of death…”

    A marketing genius who copyrighted everything she wrote and said, and everything she claimed to have written or said, Mary Eddy, the Pastor Emeritus of the Christian Science Church, did very nicely out of this business venture. Her heirs seemed to have let the business model slip.


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