14 Responses to Illegal Gathering

  1. Protium says:

    What’s with the South Park crew?

    I got a submission refused by the City of Perth once because my art work was missing the “half a” border around it.
    I thought it was a mistake with the logo I got sent so I removed it… I mean why only half a border?

    Love the site mate


  2. flynn says:

    An i-bandit is loose!
    Snow and ear muffs? South Park comes to Perth.


  3. Robotnik says:

    Crowns around necks should be 6-pack rings and the brids should be fighting over a tinny of Swan.


  4. Thanks protium. The logo is odd. On first glance it gives the impression of professionalism. I like the “of” though.

    Robotnikk, a 6 pack holder would be perfect.


  5. Robotnik says:

    Ha ha, Protium, exactly the same thing happened to me, and I had removed the upside down L for the same reason! The poor slob that told me to put it back in couldn’t tell me what the hell it was though! Maybe it’s a bus-shelter in profile and the swans are waiting on the Blue Cat?


  6. Greg Tangey says:

    God i laughed at this when it went up me and a guy from work joked for a while about replacing some of the mouths with the southpark styled mouths :P

    It’s funny how they all look like they’re about to accept something into their mouths? perhaps from a catholic priest?


  7. Peter says:

    I’m wondering why the hell most of them don’t have eyes


  8. The eyes Peter? The mouths are what you need to wonder about.


  9. The Realist says:

    i see nothing wront with teh City of Perth logo, it is a coat of arms that were presented to them so every aspect of the arms are sybolic. yes there are 3 swans in the arms but i just dont understand what people see to ridicule it?


  10. The crowns hanging on the necks don’t worry you realist?


  11. Crashinoz says:

    Those mouths are at about …*gulp*… waist height – right?


  12. Rolly says:

    No! Crashinox. They were just a little *below* waist height.
    It’s an illustration of how the general populus is regarded by the superior beings in high places: We’re just a mob of suckers being kept in line for their personal benefit.


  13. long onw says:

    This is obviously for chogum and depicts the robust political culture of participating one party states like malaysia or singapore. The figures represent opposition politicians charged with sodomy offences.


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