Outrage Sunday 256 The Road Home

One of my Bassendean associates, Mad Maddo, sent this frightening pic. She had her drone up, looking for illegal lime trees. She found a dinosaur that shat itself to death. Big poos, big story: I’m surprised it hasn’t been on teh Toady. Some of us are worried about sharks growing legs, or the Sondonesians invading. I’m now fretting about defecating diplodocii. 13912450_10208417411247114_7445349374877950354_n
I’m batching it this weekend! Krazy Kym drove down to Denmark with her mother. It might be kinda like Thelma & Louise, except they’re in a RAV4. Was one of Thelma’s many crimes stealing a sanitary disposal unit? IMG_0697
Good thing KK left the hounds at home: there’s a strong anti-dog poo vibe from Williams on. They welcome barking gnomes with open arms, though.IMG_0695IMG_0842IMG_0843
I’m good, thanks for asking. Working, actually. Chipping away at my bildungsroman about a Shenton College boy who has a part-time job as a carpet shampooer, until he realises his tears are scented with lemon…IMG_4310

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8 Responses to Outrage Sunday 256 The Road Home

  1. Rolly says:

    Legge anche in italiano?


  2. Looking for illegal lime trees ? Sir , using a drone for such purposes is illegal , and an infridgement of our snivel tributaries, and after what happened with the Cnesus. And what was it doing hovering over those bedroom windows. Basso ? more like Innaloo. I say good day to you, Sir.


  3. Dylan H. says:

    How exactly do they enforce ‘no barking, etc.’? Is it even legal for the shire to fine people over taking a barking dog to a local park? Would it play out like a speed trap – i.e. you’d have a listless shire patrolman following you as soon as you get out of the car, ticket book in hand, waiting for your dog to make some kind of noise?

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