Outrage Sunday 273 top twenty World Lies

That manual-bopping Bento paused opposite Bayswater train station. “How have I never noticed this before? So shit, we even get a poor imitation of Cartridge World.” Suck it up. I often fondly recall a big-city planner telling a crowd of western suburbs retailers two-and-a-half years ago: “I say when Cartridge World moves in, you’re dead.” Plus classified ads, retail Internet, and the Community Newspaper Group: it’s all happening! img_1410
Then he was onto more Baysie fun. “Certainly living their values. That is a truly excellent sandpit.” img_1408
Then he went shopping at La Boutique Circle Rouge. “This crosseyed Hitler/Clouseau is about to…what? Music festival cavity search?” img_1407
Forget these fripperies. I was at a vital discussion yesterday in Leederville: the fearless mob at Perth Truth Seekers were sifting through the top twenty World Lies. Like a good gerbalist I took notes, but will only list the first 10. I don’t want to spoil the surprise! Don’t be sheople! 1) Person/Straw Man. 2) Flouride from teh Nazis 3) HAARP 4) Chemtrails 5) The 13 Ruling Families 6) The three city-states of the world that control the world (vexillological proof: they have their own flags!!) 7) The Georgia Guidestones 8) GMO 9) AIDS/HIV cure conspiracy 10) Suppression of cancer cures. slave-barcode-tattoo-design

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18 Responses to Outrage Sunday 273 top twenty World Lies

  1. Shazza says:

    That cop kid? Weirdest thing I’ve seen in a while and that’s a big call given what 2016 has thrown our way.


  2. Shreiking Wombat Ninja says:

    Chemmttails, cunts


  3. Rong1 says:

    The sandpit is ideal to bury your used ICE syringes


  4. skink says:

    speak of cancer and journalism: I was sad to see that AA Gill passed away.

    since Rob Broadfield has made a concerted effort to copy every aspect of Gill’s style, I trust he will follow through and contract cancer.

    If you steal Gill’s mojo, you have to take his tumours too.


  5. Zuben says:

    What do urban design , slavery ,drug addiction , child care and government security forces all have in common ?

    Hint : answer transcends Bayswater


  6. Shreiking Wombat Ninja says:

    Oh come on, we all know it’s the Jews.


  7. Luke Farrell says:

    My First Alt-Right Costume.


  8. Zuben says:

    Damn … and I thought the answer was WAPC !


  9. you'll get wet says:

    He has a sniffer dog called blondi


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