Outrage Sunday 188 old time counrty halls

As I pick up my guitar to sing another song
I hear the walls of this old hall – you’ve done this thing too long
You know you’ve been around for years, I guess you’ve shown us all
I talk like this when I reminisce with an old time counrty hall
I joined a tent show as a kid with a dream and an old guitar
The Paul Murray band and Dandy was the star
He taught me lots about the game, today I understand
He was a great magician, Dandy was a fine old man
I’m a howlin’ cattle-hand crooner
I’m an old time dinosaur
Hey, let me sing where the rafters ring
In an old time counrty hall, that’s right
I’ve been on the road for thirty years but Dandy could double that
And you’ll find his faded poster still in some hall way out back
I like to go back stage and dream sometimes and just recall
The shows I’ve had, the good and bad, shared with these counrty halls
Take the old Town Hall Kalgoorlie with it’s old time charm and grace
And your mounting million vibrancies never will replace
All glass and steel and concrete, some large and some too small
So let me sing where the rafters ring in an old time counrty hall, hey
We showed last night in the school of arts and the town was real run-down
You’ll find so many towns like that today as you move around
Yeah, the wind of change is blowin’ up such an economic low
The old time shows we used to know will soon be off the road
Why didn’t I write a tune about the Hideaway and the Shents
That woulda made me more dollars and cents
I’m a howlin’ cattle-hand crooner
I’m an old time dinosaur
Hey, let me sing where the rafters ring
In an old time counrty hall
In an old time counrty hall
In an old time counrty hall


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29 Responses to Outrage Sunday 188 old time counrty halls

  1. Rong1 says:

    I like Counrty AND Westren


  2. Just in time for Macca on a Sunday Morning.


  3. juantrak says:

    That is pure cuntery to do that to a sign.


  4. you'll get wet says:

    When I was a little kid on the farm I yodelled all the day
    They sent me to a Catholic school to take my yodel away
    They put me in the choir and when I yodelled with joy
    They gave me bells and I soon became the Yodelling altar boy,

    Yodel ay eee ooo and don’t be slow
    Ring those Communion bells on time
    Yodel ay ee ooo and away we go
    The consecration was all mine

    One day arrived the awful news from the Mission overseas
    Brother Kevin had been eaten after Mass in PNG,
    Noone really liked him coz he strapped us every day
    But I took out my old guitar and yodelled as they prayed

    Yes I’m the yodelling altar cowboy just listen to my guitar
    Faith of Our Fathers Burning Bright I sang with an ole Yee Ha
    In spite of dungeon fire and flame my yodel will go on
    They call me the yodelling altarboy just listen to my song …

    yodel ay eee ay eeee ay eeee
    yodel ay yodel ay ee oooo


  5. Sir Bill International says:

    Is this a Dim Slutsy suitable to be accompanied by counrty instrument ? I think not, more rocket science needed.


  6. you'll get wet says:

    Not if he’s performing a duet with Dolly Parton, Slim n Busty


  7. you'll get wet says:

    Slim Shady. That would be Tex Morton, the original rappin’ cowboy.

    ‘Dear old Slim a-twangin’ on the jukebox singing of a life that’s free… when I’m free I’m gonna seek and find him, find that fiend of hell, the man who built the window of the lockup facing the garden of the Vic Hotel. Darwin Jailhouse Window https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fJt2vxWT8xE


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