I’ll be a real cultural embarrassador over the next few weeks. My photo on the cover of a poetry magazine, an invited submission to an architecture mag, and most exciting, I will be lecturing creatives on humility next month. I’m like the minister of arts in exile.Regime-Coversm

About AHC McDonald

Comedian, artist, photographer and critic. From 2007 to 2017 ran the culture and satire site The Worst of Perth
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22 Responses to Vulture

  1. ewfire11 says:

    ‘an invited submission to an architecture mag’. Now that is something I’d like to see and or read.


  2. vegan says:

    so, the architecture thing is happening? excellent.


    • It’s not the most substantial piece. No Shedism. Nevertheless…


      • ewfire11 says:

        C’mon……. Spill the beans. Fun with tilt up slabs? Covering horrendous errors with rendering? Fitting facia panels to the tops of high rises using only mild steel cad plated 5/16 bolts from Bunnings? Or with this approaching storm as my concern, holding down the steel framed roofs of South Perth units using only (perhaps this time 3/8), threaded rod, again from Bunnings and this said rod to be bent to fit under the third course of bricks from top?


  3. Scanners says:

    What’s the difference between “new poetry” and “new poems”?


  4. Orbea says:

    TV mini-series starring Andrew Daddo as TLA.
    Dramatis personae commences now…


  5. Arcadia says:

    Great photo and wonderful performance by the dog? Live baiting at all?


  6. Pocko says:

    Looking forward to it all.


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